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End Users Tell All: Compliments and Complaints about Small Business Accounting Software (Part 1)

End Users Tell All: Compliments and Complaints about Small Business Accounting Software (Part 1)

When you think “small business accounting software,” what do you think of? Simple accounting available on a desktop that meets the basic needs of small or simple businesses. While this is true, companies providing this type of software have made improvements over the years. However, there are notable complaints—especially from users at organizations that have outgrown the software by size or by scope.

In this two-part blog, we will look at four of the most common small business accounting software options, highlighting the positives, negatives, and the verdict. All reviews are courtesy of G2 Crowd, who takes the time to verify users and validate reviews. Part 1 will feature the two most popular QuickBooks offerings and tomorrow we will feature the two Sage products for growing businesses—Sage 50 (Peachtree) and Sage 100.

QuickBooks Pro

Highly rated on G2 Crowd, QuickBooks Desktop Pro has long been the standard for small and medium businesses, cornering the small business market early, and continuing to hold on. A desktop application, users find it easy to use thanks in part to its age, support network, and simplicity.

The Good

QuickBooks knows small businesses, and has made software for these organizations for decades. Many customers tout its ease of use, cost effectiveness, and reliability. QuickBooks is noted for its ability to do the basics well, its simple implementation, as well as flexibility and customization. Finally, the software has worked hard on improving its third-party network of complements and integrations in recent years.

The Bad

QuickBooks knows small business, and has focused exclusively on this type of business for decades. Customers find that as a desktop application, the supplemental “online” features like view my paycheck are either lacking, unnecessarily complex, or too often unavailable. Other notable concerns are the software’s lack of portability or even its conversion to QBO, the outdated interface, lack of intuition, and inability to handle complex accounting structures.

The Verdict

One reviewer sums up QuickBooks Desktop perfectly:

“This is a great product for small businesses or even large businesses with very little accounting complexity, plus it is very inexpensive! It doesn’t have much in the way of automation meaning a lot of manual entry has to be done. It is great to use to take care of your basic accounting processes such as A/R, A/P, etc. though. The dashboards definitely need improvement and if you have multiple entities, you will want to go with a different product.”

QuickBooks Desktop is accounting software that gets the job done for small or simple businesses. It’s a noble, lucrative venture, and perfectly suits millions of businesses. However, there are many businesses using it that have outgrown it—either in size or complexity—and need to make a change. Read more verified reviews at G2 Crowd.

QuickBooks Online

We looked at some of the 371 reviews from verified G2Crowd QuickBooks Online users who have run their business using the software, and while there were many positives, there were criticisms among users—namely those at larger companies and enterprises.

The Good

Among the most commonly stated positives were the platform’s ease of use, accessibility (QBO has anytime, anywhere access for anyone with an internet connection), clean UI, ease of setup, and its ability to handle basic, non-sophisticated accounting needs.

The Bad

With all of the good that has come from the software, the platform does have nearly as many 1-star reviews as it does 5-star on G2 Crowd, with many of the criticisms including “Not enough for a mid-tier company,” the hit-or-miss nature of support staff (one user’s review included the phrase “the support are mainly polite but range from expert to clueless”).

Another complaint—possibly the biggest one—that many users have is that QBO is missing functionality compared to its predecessor: QuickBooks Desktop. For users and business decision makers, this means that they are often choosing between anytime, anywhere access and the functionality they need.

The Verdict

QuickBooks Online is great for the small business with simple needs, and is even better for users in need of the anytime access. Unfortunately, users find it ‘buggy,’ missing functionality, and poorly designed for the growing or mid-tier business user. Read all 371 QuickBooks Online Reviews at G2 Crowd.

Conclusion: Know Before You Outgrow

If you’re working at a growing business, it’s important to know the warning signs before they hit you. To address this, we would like to invite you to a webcast on February 22, 2017 at 1:00 PM EST that will feature the common warning signs that you’ve outgrown small business accounting software, and some of the most common next steps growing businesses take.

This free webinar will highlight 5 signs your business may be outgrowing its accounting system and how you can utilize cloud financial solutions to support and accelerate your growth. In addition, you will learn how you can harness the power of the cloud to:

  • Provide real-time reporting
  • Manage multiple entities, locations, and currencies
  • Implement procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes
  • Access the system anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce finance and IT costs through automation

Join us on February 22, 2017 at 1:00 PM EST to learn more. Click Here to Register.



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