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Get an Exclusive First Look at Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018

Get an Exclusive First Look at Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018

For service businesses, government contractors, nonprofits, and more, Microsoft Dynamics SL has been the choice of financial software and ERP for decades. With this in mind, Microsoft has not gotten complacent as the leader in services-focused, project-based accounting and finance software, and has recently announced its Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018 platform, which will make numerous improvements to the already-capable software.

Microsoft Announces Dynamics SL 2018

Discussed at Inspire 2017, Microsoft had originally scheduled its announcement of the update for the 2017 Dynamics SL User Group Fall Conference in Tampa, the conference was postponed by Hurricane Irma. With the software expected in early 2018, Microsoft wasn’t going to wait until the Spring Conference in St. Louis, and has announced the new Dynamics SL at an October webcast.

Exciting News… With Little Details (Yet)

Few details were made available regarding Dynamics SL 2018, according to the Dynamics SL Community blog, but it’s expected that the product will feature the latest technology in Power BI, Power Apps and Flow. As with other recent Dynamics updates, you can expect improvements to Web Apps and the addition of specific features requested by users.

Wipfli/Brittenford to Join Plumbline Consulting to Present Dynamics SL 2018 First Look

Microsoft has remained mute on details of the release, the important new features, and the timing, limiting their announcement to “early 2018” and a roadmap—the best image of which is a picture of the webcast taken by Jack Boyer.

However, Dynamics SL influencer, expert, and insider Jeff Suwyn knows what’s coming, and has agreed to join Wipfli for an exclusive first look at the new software. Mark your calendars for January 10, 2018 at 1 P.M. EST, when Michelle Starkey, Account Executive at Wipfli, one of the top 20 accounting firms in the US, and Jeff Suwyn, Dynamics SL Guru, at Plumbline Consulting, will provide a sneak peek into what to expect from Microsoft Dynamics SL 2018.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Latest technology related to Power BI, Power Apps and Flow
  • Improvements to Web Apps and new features requested by users
  • Integrating your Spend Management with Dynamics SL

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