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Getting to Know the New Dynamics SL Web Apps [Webcast]

Getting to Know the New Dynamics SL Web Apps [Webcast]

One of the larger customer-focused updates for Microsoft Dynamics SL was the release of Web Apps in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011. Providing a new way to access important information anywhere—by tablet, phone, or desktop—Dynamics SL Web Apps gained important enhancements in the release of Dynamics SL 2015.

For project-based businesses, consultants and employees are on the go, but timesheets, expense reporting, and other tasks still need to be completed.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps makes it easier to complete these and more tasks wherever and whenever they see fit.

To help businesses considering new accounting software, looking at upgrading to Dynamics SL 2015, or searching for ways to better use their current SL software, we would like to invite you to a new webcast on how Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps work, why they help your business, and how to use Web Apps.

Brittenford Systems and Jeff Suwyn, Product Marketing Manager and Microsft SL guru conducted a free webcast on November 12, 2015 at 11:00 AM EST.

Titled New Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps Webcast & Demo, Mr. Suwyn and guests reviewed and discussed how to embrace these web apps that provide browser-based access to view and enter data through a tablet, smartphone or desktop.  Among the topics discussed:

  • Project Time Entry
  • Project Correcting Timecards
  • Project-based Timecards
  • Project Expense Entry with Attachments
  • Project Expense Reports
  • Project Time & Expense Approval
  • Project Analyst

If you want to learn more about taking your business to the next level by utilizing Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps, download the complete presentation and demo here.

Learn more about Dynamics SL 2015 from the following educational resources:


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