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Help Us Help You: New Survey to Share Employer ACA Readiness and Opinion

Help Us Help You: New Survey to Share Employer ACA Readiness and Opinion

With 2016 around the corner, and employers with more than 50 full-time employees bracing for changes ahead, the last two months of this year come as a challenge and stressor for those unprepared. “How do I calculate full-time equivalents?” “How do I prepare the IRS forms for submission?” “How do I calculate, if any, the penalties?”

These questions and more could be keeping payroll and other human resources personnel awake at night.

But effective preparation for the changes ahead can minimize the risk for incorrect calculation and increased penalties under the Employer Mandate of the ACA.

ACA Preparation Survey

As part of our upcoming webcast to help employers prepare for the road ahead, Brittenford Systems has announced a new, confidential, 11-question survey to gain insights into the technologies and decisions among employers as they prepare for the 2016 pay-or-play mandate and the rapidly approaching “Cadillac Tax,” set to take hold for employers providing ‘high value employer sponsored plans’ to employees in 2018.

Among the questions in this less than five-minute survey, we would like to know about the following:

  • The technology used to manage payroll and HR
  • The techniques used to process employee time and attendance for reporting
  • The amount of preparation and level of expertise regarding the ACA employer mandate requirements
  • The steps taken to abide by ACA requirements

Please help us help you by taking this brief ACA preparation survey here.

Watch the Replay: ACA Readiness Checklist

This survey was part of a much larger effort to develop a full ACA readiness checklist and webcast featuring Integrity Data and other experts.

If you are looking to take your organization beyond simplification and toward full compliance, we presented a webcast on how you can go beyond the Payroll and Accounting Integration to gain full insight and reporting. Watch the replay of “ACA Readiness Checklist: Is Your Organization ACA Compliant?,” featuring Ted Trevorrow, Certified Health Insurance Navigator with the Resources for Human Development, Hartmuth Csandi-Schwartz, Director of Business Operations of a Maryland-based association, and Keith Schmidt, Account Executive at Integrity Data. These experts provided assistance on hours tracking in the wake of the ACA and how businesses could remain compliant. Watch the entire ACA Readiness Checklist Webcast Here.


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