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What’s New in Host Analytics? Fall17 Release and Host Dashboards

What’s New in Host Analytics? Fall17 Release and Host Dashboards

Host Analytics has been rated one of the best (Gartner’s words, not ours) in corporate performance management platforms, and continues to make improvements as it welcomes new clients, partners, and enterprise customers. The Summer17 release had a plethora of new features, but the Fall17 release one-upped that, adding some amazing functionality. From Dashboards to simplified reporting to a more user friendly support platform, we welcome you to learn more about the additions below.

Host Dashboards: Data-Rich Dashboards for Improved Decision-Making

While technically part of the Fall17 Release, Host Analytics separately announced the new Host Dashboards capabilities, addressing the push toward at-a-glance information in data-rich visual representations needed by business professionals.

Translating Tables and Numbers into Visually Useful Business Data

As discussed in the video below, Host Dashboards is designed to break down communications gaps between table-loving finance professionals and the “what’s in it for me” business side.

From Markets Insider:

“Host Analytics, the leading provider of scalable, cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions, today unveiled Host Dashboards – the company’s latest innovative solution for today’s forward-thinking organizations. Host Dashboards provides critical business insights at a glance through rich visual representations that help line of business leaders gauge performance, conduct variance analysis, and efficiently respond to what’s going on in the business.”

Answering the “Why”

The press release went on to highlight some of the key features provided by the new solution, which expands the breadth, accuracy, and granularity of business understanding across the organization, and provides more information into what’s driving the numbers. Designed to let key players inside and outside the business easily get the “why” behind a metric, the Host Dashboards self-service interface is flexible, configurable, and easy to use, so any user can build and share dashboards. It allows monitoring of key performance indicators and top-level metrics to gain insights into how the company is executing against its plans.

Built with the Customer in Mind

Designed with extensive business end-user feedback from more than 20 customers with an average of 10-plus years’ experience using EPM across 10 industries, Host Dashboards reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to putting the customer at the front and center of its new product design process.

Key Features of Host Dashboards

Built using the state-of-the-art React framework, Host Dashboards includes:

  • A modern, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface
  • An interactive dashboard designer
  • Real-time access to information
  • Built-in formulas, pivot tables, and conditional formatting for powerful data manipulation
  • Global filters to isolate only relevant information

Learn more about this new functionality on the product page.

What’s New in the Fall17 Release

Host Analytics could have called it a day with the feature-rich, flexible, and user-friendly Host Dashboards, but the company is focused on going above and beyond. Among the other improvements made in the Fall17 Release were Model Manager, a new CTA Proof Report and enhancements to Dynamic Journal Entries and Mass Currency uploads, and improvements to customer service portals.

Model Manager

Fall17 introduces Model Manager, a powerful new tool that radically simplifies the development of financial and operational models. Model Manager offers breakthrough ease of use that eliminates the need for IT involvement and custom scripting language. This dramatically reduces time and effort and enables line of business leaders to leverage modeling for a wide range of use cases:

  • Sales bookings waterfall
  • Marketing demand generation
  • Professional services utilization
  • Call center agent productivity
  • Inventory depletion

Through increased modeling adoption, organizations can unify and integrate operational models across the organization.

Reduced Reporting and Planning Complexity

One of the biggest traps in finance is “becoming a spreadsheet jockey.” Unfortunately, this is what happens to too many, according to a recent Ventana Research study, which found that “[finance] need[s] to put the A back in FP&A.” Too many financial professionals spend their time on data prep and spreadsheet jockeying, according to Ventana, which “suck time away and the soul from the FP&A function.”

“Sixty-eight percent of finance pros surveyed in a recent finance analytics benchmark research study say they spend the greatest portion of their time doing data preparation; while only 28 percent spend the bulk of their time doing what they’re most qualified to do – financial analysis.”

The Fall17 Release looks to address this—providing enhancements to Dynamic Journal Entries and Mass Currency uploads, which help reduce audit fees and reduce manual efforts to speed consolidation. On top of this, Host Analytics adds a more intuitive user interface and improved performance for offline users, making planning, reporting, analysis, and decision-making faster and easier than ever.

Better Self-Service and Customer Support

Sometimes, you don’t need to talk to someone to get help. Sometimes, it’s more useful to search for the answer in the knowledge base. Host Analytics has made this easier, offering a much more user friendly self-service portal and information library.

Consistent with Host Analytics goal of standardizing the use of EPM throughout the organization, the new release offers comprehensive online help to improve time-to-value and streamlined enterprise-wide deployment. Building on the product’s already robust library of use cases, the new release includes more advanced use cases geared to address more complex EPM customer needs. Built with the user in mind, Online Help is available on any device and provides in-context content to deliver assistance right when users need it most.”

Host Analytics Just Keeps Getting Better

At Wipfli, we’ve supported our customers’ moves to advanced cloud enterprise performance management, and have worked with Host Analytics for years to recommend, refer, and support customers as they learn the value of smarter planning, budgeting, analysis, and reporting. Learn more about our work with Host Analytics by reading our case studies, including the Biotechnology Innovation Organization and a New York-based Professional Sports Union who made the move from Google Sheets to Host Analytics and was able to be up and running nearly immediately.

Ready to learn even more? We recently released a guide for Finance Professionals looking to support decision making with advanced EPM. Download Finance’s EPM Playbook here, or preview it below.


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