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Host Analytics Modeling Cloud: A Breakthrough in Enterprise Performance Management

Host Analytics Modeling Cloud: A Breakthrough in Enterprise Performance Management

Host Analytics Host Analytics has been one of those names in performance management that has been known for innovation. They were, at one point, the only true-cloud vendor on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (2009, 2010, 2011), and now they’ve released a new product called Modeling Cloud; something touted by experts at Enterprise Irregulars as “a breakthrough in cloud enterprise performance management (EPM).”

So, what is it, and why does it matter to customers, prospects, and the industry in its entirety?

What is Modelling Cloud?

Host Analytics, which released Modeling Cloud to the public just last month, released this video to introduce interested parties to the product.

Why Modeling Cloud? Why Now?

Modeling Cloud is touted as the bridge between financial and operational processes. EPM has long been used as the go-to tool for managing the financial close, budgeting and planning processes, but line-of-business hadn’t caught up—until Modeling Cloud.

Host Analytics Modeling Cloud helps bridge the divide by linking financial and operational models to financial plans and forecasts. It’s a cloud-based modeling engine that integrates seamlessly with Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite to unite financial and operational planning.

To promote Modeling Cloud, Host Analytics released the following infographic to explain why it is the solution that businesses need.

Modeling Cloud Infographic

For more information, download the full brochure and datasheet from the Host Analytics website.

Three Reasons Modeling Cloud Matters to the Market

Enterprise Irregulars, who touted Modeling Cloud as a breakthrough in Cloud EPM, shared why Modeling Cloud matters to customers, to the market, and to the company.

  1. Cloud Penetration to the EPM Market: A recent survey showed that users were sick of on-premise EPM offerings, but there were few companies choosing cloud in 2014 (only 5%). This gives Host Analytics not only a competitive edge over other cloud products, and positions it to compete more effectively with on-premise offerings.
  2. Bringing the EPM Market to Businesses: 40% of companies use spreadsheets, according to recent survey results from Grant Thornton. This will be the perfect option for companies looking to have a familiar spreadsheet while getting the full insight of a EPM software.
  3. Providing “last mile” completion: Customers deploy EPM with great expectations, but find that only finance is the only one for which the software is deployed. This means that everything in and out of the EPM will need to be emailed, creating a hassle-filled and error-prone “last mile.” Modeling Cloud will bring EPM to other departments and create a full customer penetration.

Read the full report from Enterprise Irregulars.

Learn more about Host Analytics from Brittenford using the following resources, and contact us to learn more.


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