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Host Analytics Raises $25 Million in Series E Funding

Host Analytics Raises $25 Million in Series E Funding

Host Analytics What’s next for the rapidly growing enterprise performance management (EPM) suite Host Analytics? After yet another funding round certifying investor confidence in the platform, the next step for Host Analytics looks to be an IPO, analysts say. For customers, this could mean even better product and service offering for Gartner visionary rated platform.

For those of you that haven’t been introduced to the platform, Host Analytics is the leader in cloud-based financial applications for planning, consolidation, reporting and analytics. Host Analytics enterprise performance management (EPM) customers benefit from improved business agility, improved security, and lower overall cost compared to legacy on-premises alternatives.

So what will Host Analytics do with the money raised in the funding round? According to the Host Analytics press release, the proceeds will be used to reinforce the company’s success as the fastest-growing vendor in the cloud EPM market, fund continued organic growth in the United States, support new product initiatives in operational planning, and drive international expansion.

This funding comes on the heels of rapid growth, as in its most recent quarter, the company closed nearly 200 new transactions in another quarter of record growth, including sales to both large enterprise customers and fast-growing start-ups.

The company has rapidly expanded its solution and feature set to keep pace with the growing needs of customers. Host Analytics recently launched its new Sales Planning solution focused on helping sales and finance leaders better align and collaborate. It also delivered feature integration with Box to streamline data processing and incorporate the security advantages of Box.

So what does this mean for you, potential and current customers? Host Analytics has already garnered the faith and money of investors, and looks to commit the money to improving an already industry-changing product and improving partner relationships.

Better products, better service, and betterment to your company. What else could you ask for? Learn how you can make the most of your financial information, and ditch the ‘Excel Jockey’ stereotype in finance. Contact Brittenford Systems to learn more about improving your reporting and planning in 2015 and beyond with Host Analytics.


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