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Host Analytics Summer17 Release: The Best Gets Better

Host Analytics Summer17 Release: The Best Gets Better

“The best, most scalable, cloud-based EPM system in the world just got better.” These words were used by CEO Dave Kellogg to introduce the Summer17 release of the reporting, budgeting, and planning software Host Analytics.

Notably, they have good reason to brag. Fresh on the heels of awards and recognition from Gartner (as a “Leader” in Strategic and Financial CPM/EPM Software) and Dresner Advisory “Wisdom of Crowds” report, this update will enhance an already feature-rich software, continuing to exceed the needs of users.

So what can you expect from the new, improved Host Analytics? Better access, more powerful breakback functionality, improved integrations, and a better user experience.

The Best Breakback Gets Better

Summer17 includes an enhanced version of breakback, a powerful feature that enables customers to effectively reverse inputs and outputs within a model, allowing users the ability to take a given output variable, override it, and then break the values of its inputs in a consistent way. Learn more about breakback, part of Host Analytics Modeling Cloud from their datasheet.

What’s New?

Summer17 enhances this feature by introducing multi-dimensional holds, which can exclude dimensions from the breakback process. It also includes an audit trail that enables users to track the lineage of numbers within the models. Together, these features give finance professionals the ability to quickly backsolve calculations that no other cloud-based EPM system can handle.

Transaction-Level NetSuite Integration

The Summer17 release enhances the integration with NetSuite by introducing native, transaction-level data analysis, drill-through capabilities, in addition to account balances. This streamlines setup and maintenance between applications and allows users to drill into transactional detail when performing “what-if” analysis.

Full Support for Browsers, Improved UX/UI

This new release is now fully supported to run on browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Additionally, Host analytics made improvements to global search, bookmarks, segregation of duties, multi-dimensional report bursting, and enhanced report sets.

Together, these features make it easier to use Host Analytics — for both finance professionals and business end-users — by reducing clicks, and streamlining navigation and workflows for both simple and complex EPM operations.

Faster Performance and Readiness for Even Larger Companies

Summer17 includes numerous features that accelerate planning and allow the software to be expanded even further (up to 6,000 users). This means that even the largest companies in the world will be able to take advantage of the agility that the cloud provides in enterprise performance management.

There’s More: 50+ User-Focused Enhancements

“The more than 50 enhancements added to the Summer17 release shows our continued product innovation and commitment to improving the user experience,” said Ron Baden, SVP of Products at Host Analytics. “Together, these latest updates will be attractive to both finance professionals and business end-users, by reducing clicks and streamlining workflows for both simple and complex EPM operations.”

Not Satisfied? Wait a Few Months

Maybe none of these blew you away (we thought they were impressive). That’s fine. Just wait three months. Fall17 and Winter18 are right around the corner, both of which are designed in response to user needs, critiques, and requests.

Looking to Take Planning to a New Level? Download Our Guide

At Wipfli/Brittenford, we’ve been working with Host Analytics for a while, and we are excited to share these improvements. If you are looking to take your budgeting, planning, and financial management to new heights, we invite you to learn more about our recently-released guide, Finance’s EPM Playbook: Leveraging World Class Enterprise Performance Management, which you can preview below:


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