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How Concur TripLink Makes Business Travel Easier

How Concur TripLink Makes Business Travel Easier

Concur TripLinkWith more booking options, business travel is becoming less rigid. Applications that were once a mecca for consumer travel, including Uber, Airbnb and more are now becoming cost effective options for business travel. This is putting more pressure on travelers and their managers to manage expense claims more effectively.

The one thing, of course, is managing the claims and expense reports that come due to the broader scale of choice available to business travelers. Booking on travel websites can lead to the dreaded ‘invisible spend,’ leading to increased turnaround for expense approvals and wasted money on behalf of the organization.

This is why Concur Travel and Expense provides more insight, control, and most importantly savings to organizations with its offering of Concur TripLink. The Concur TripLink idea is based on one simple premise, a better business travel experience.

Specifically, Concur TripLink helps organizations to build this better business travel experience through the following features:

  • Greater Visibility: Concur TripLink captures data from flights, hotels and ground transportation – no matter where travel is booked. This gives companies better visibility into spending before the spending even happens.
  • Improved Compliance and Control: Key factors demanded by businesses today, TripLink is building relationships directly with its rapidly growing network of suppliers including IHG, Starwood, and Airbnb.   This will enable companies to capture reservations booked outside a corporate travel system. By providing itineraries, no matter where the transaction is booked, policies can be enforced.
  • Rewarding Smart Travel: Looking for an easy way to promote smarter, more cost effective travel? Concur’s gamification of travel will incentivize cheaper travel by providing smart travelers with rewards and recognition. Points are offered for beating prices on flights and hotels, which can be used for future travel.
  • Increase Safety and Support Duty of Care: Normally, travel through outside sources is tough to manage, and makes employees tough to locate. Concur TripLink brings all of this information together, and allows enhanced communication through messaging.
  • Productivity and Easy Itinerary Changing: Flights get cancelled, hotels get double booked, and receipts get lost. Not only does TripLink build the expense report as it happens, travelers can get alerts on changes or cancellations to always be prepared.

Concur TripLink has revolutionized the expense travel arena, making life easier for travelers, managers, and accountants. As we move into a more diverse travel search and expensing process, your business needs compliance, visibility, and automation.

Brittenford Systems, as the 2014 Concur App Center Partner of the Year, knows about making your life easier through visibility, compliance, and automation. Learn more about the products we offer, including ExpenseConnect for Concur and Intacct, and contact us to learn more



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