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How School Administrators Can Save Time and Money in the Cloud

How School Administrators Can Save Time and Money in the Cloud

Private School Accounting IntegrationAs a school administrator at an independent school, you help families better their future through higher-quality education. However, who is looking out for your organization’s financial future? How long do you expect the billing and processing to take? If your student management platform doesn’t integrate with your accounting solution, the answer is “too long.”

Introducing SchoolConnect

Today, we would like to introduce you to our latest addition that helps independent schools save time each day. This solution, titled SchoolConnect, helps private, charter, and independent schools integrate their present management platforms like FACTS, Veracross, or SchoolAdmin with best-in-class cloud financial management platform Intacct.

How does SchoolConnect Work?

You have specific billing and operational drivers for each student, event, and club. SchoolConnect by Brittenford was created specifically for independent schools to manage their financial and operational data within Intacct. SchoolConnect’s pre-built applications integrate existing student management and tuition payment systems with Intacct, eliminating the need for manual data downloads and manipulating files.

Through this proprietary solution, you can

  • Manage student account receivables and email household statements
  • Easily integrate payments received electronically or through another application
  • Create flexible invoice formats that provide statement activity for households
  • Generate household statements with student activity and balance due
  • Easily generate student charges by household for clubs, activities, and specific fees (e.g. graduation, technology, etc.)
  • Synchronize student management data from systems such as Veracross and SchoolAdmin
  • Seamlessly integrate tuition and payment data from systems such as FACTS

How Can You Learn More about Tuition and Financial Integration through SchoolConnect?

We’re glad you asked. To help school administrators learn more about this solution that will shave hours of manual processing and reduce the headaches that come with data manipulation, we are holding a webcast to demonstrate how this simple integration can better your school.

Scheduled for January 27, 2015 at 1:00 EST, our demonstration will show you the features and benefits of SchoolConnect for your independent school.

Click Here to Register for our SchoolConnect Demo!


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