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How To Automate Expense Management With Concur

How To Automate Expense Management With Concur

Concur Demo and WebcastRoughly 10% of company operating expenses are travel and expense related. As a result, the travel and expense process can be a mess, but now there is a better way. With Concur, you can automate, manage and simplify your travel and expense process in one integrated system.

Concur Overview

Reimburse: Concur helps you speed up the back-end process. With a three-way match between the credit card, itinerary and e-receipt, you can approve expenses confidently. Once approved, automatically reimburse employees and pay supported credit card providers.

Analyze: Concur can help you gain insight into who is spending what and where—no matter where employees spend or book. Concur provides real-time data that will help you make smarter decisions.

Want to learn more about Concur? Last month Joe Martino from Concur, along with Matt Rowley, Chief Operating Officer of Brittenford Systems, presented an informational webcast and Concur demo.

The webcast shared how Concur can help you:

  • Cut time spent on the expense reporting process
  • Gain visibility into employee spend
  • Reimburse employees more quickly
  • Save money
  • Make expense management pretty painless
  • Integrate with your ERP system

This webcast is now available for on-demand viewing. Click here to view.


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