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How to Create and Use Custom Dimensions in Sage Intacct

How to Create and Use Custom Dimensions in Sage Intacct

Things to Look For in Cloud Accounting ProvidersIntacct comes with eight built-in dimensions: Location, Department, Vendor, Customer, Employee, Project, Item, and Class. However, sometimes you run into scenarios where you need an additional, user defined dimension. Some reasons for needing a user defined dimension include:

  • You need to track a type of record which is unlike any of the built-in eight
  • You have already re-defined the class dimension (the most generic of the built-ins) but need another dimension similar to it

Intacct now gives you the ability to define your own custom dimensions. Here’s how you do that.

1. Create a new Platform Application in Intacct at Platform Services > List > New Application

In this example, I am creating an application to track people or organizations who have donated to us. I’m calling my application Donors.

How to Use Intacct Custom Dimensions 1

2. Create a new Object within your platform application.

Make sure to check the “Enable this object as a user defined GL dimension” checkbox. That is the key to making this custom object a custom dimension.

In my example, I am calling my object Donor because that is whom I intend to track.

Intacct Custom Dimensions B

3. Add additional fields to your object to track additional attributes about the dimension.

In my example, I added a donor Class field. It will allow us to categorize our donors. You can add any number of additional attributes to your custom dimension.

How to Create Custom Dimensions in Intacct

4. Add some records into your custom dimension.

In my example, I added some fictitious donors.

Intacct Custom Dimension Tutorial

5. Now when you create a GL Transaction or AP Bill or any other type of transactional document, you also specify a record from your custom dimension.

Cistom Dimensions in Intacct Tutorial

6. Your custom dimension gets saved and treated just like one of the built-in dimensions now. You can use it anywhere you would typically use a built-in dimension – including reporting.

Custom Dimensions in Intacct

Intacct custom dimensions give you the ability to define your own dimensions to suit your business domain. They are powerful and relatively easy to setup.


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