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How to Create Custom List View in Sage Intacct

How to Create Custom List View in Sage Intacct

How to Create a Custom List View in IntacctEver want to see a quick list of unpaid AP Bills? Or, maybe a list of expense reports still in the approval queue? You haven’t brushed up on your magic recently, so using the Custom Report Wizard seems too cumbersome to try and deal with first thing on a Monday morning. Why not try a list view that will give you all the important data you need? It’s very simple and you can save the list view to use for a later date! A “list view” can be found under each module by clicking on the desired data set or transactions. For example, under Accounts Payable you will find list views for Vendors, AP Bills, and Adjustments. The list screens will show you a default set of columns but sometimes there are other columns you may want to see and sort by.

Let’s say we always want to see the Manager Name in our Employee list view. This is to always ensure that the employee has a manager and, since our org chart is constantly changing, it is the correct one.

We would first go to Company -> Employees

Hot to Create Intacct Custom List: Employee View

The screen will default to the “All” list view. Other views that are available out of the box are:

  • Recently Viewed
  • Recently Modified
  • All Recently Modified

To create your custom view, you would navigate to Manage views and either click Create New View or Save View As. I usually choose Save View As to start with the “All” view template and add/delete columns as needed.

Custom List Intacct Manage Views

Create the View Name and click Save.

The screen will refresh and you will go back to the Views and now should see your custom view Name show up near the bottom of the list. When you click on your list view, you will then see Edit under Manage Views.

Custom List IntacctHow to Create Custom View in Intacct








In Step 1, I will choose to add the Manager field to my columns list.

Intacct Custom List Creation

In Step 2, I will drag the Manager column to show after the Employee First Name column.

Creating a Custom List View in Intacct

For Step 3 (Filter) and Step 4 (Sort) I won’t make any changes so that the view still shows all employees sorted by Employee ID.

In Step 5, I will check Deploy and Save my custom view.

Final Step in Creating Custom List View Intacct

That’s it! You now have access to your very own custom view!

So, next time someone approaches you with a reporting need or business concern, consider the possibility of a custom list view for your solution!


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