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How to Find and Fix Errors in Management Reporter

How to Find and Fix Errors in Management Reporter

Management Reporter TrainingWhile running Management Reporter, do you ever experience an “unknown” error?  One that you know is there but have no idea where it originated from?  Is so, you are not alone.  As in any report writer, a lot of time can be spent developing what you feel is just the right report.  Anxious to see your finished product then get the numbers over to your boss, you click the run button, and there it is!  That dreadful “An Error Occurred message”.  Don’t panic, we have a few steps that may be of help.

If this happens while retrieving balances in Management Reporter, below are of the steps to allowing you to track back to the original cause of the error.

MR Error: An error occurred while retrieving balances from the source system provider

1)    First place to start is to Review the Management Reporter – Logs to see if they identify the error. (This may not give you much to go on. If not, run the report again)

Management Reporter Error Fix

2)     Once that step is complete, Run the report again, watch what is processing. In this case, the report failed when trying to “distribute” it.   (For other report failure messages, Look over the process log, try to pinpoint where the error is, that will allow you get closer to the root cause)

3)   Next review the “Output setups.”  In this case, the path was set to old server. Update with the correct path and now you can generate your report without errors.

Fix Management Reporter Unknown Error

4)   A good rule of thumb is to track backwards through your error messages.  These messages will often lead you to the original source that created the error, thus allowing you to redo that step and resolve the issue at hand.


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