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How to Fix a Sage Intacct Financial Report that has an Incorrect Balance

How to Fix a Sage Intacct Financial Report that has an Incorrect Balance

Intacct How ToRunning a report is only one part of the reporting process.  There are times when you may spend time creating the right report only to find that the balance is incorrect.  If you are having this issue, below is a step by step process for resolution.

4 Simple Steps to Fixing Incorrect Balance on an Intacct Financial Report

1) First, compare the report balance to the GL account balances. Does the report have all of the accounts?

How to Fix Incorrect Balance in Intacct

2) Open the report in Financial Report Writer, review the Row Structure. What “account group” is listed?

How to Fix Incorrect Balance in Intacct Financial Report

3) Open the GL Accounts list. Review the Account Category for each account that you expected on the report.

Do they have the same Account category? Is it the same category that is in the report? If not, you may need to update the GL category or create a new group to combine them.

How to Fix an Incorrect Balance Intacct

4) Once updates are completed to either the Account Category or a new group, update the report and test report to confirm amounts now balance with GL.

If you have accurately followed these steps your report should now be balanced.  Don’t forget to save your work!

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