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It all Depends on Point of View: Setting Up Point of View in Host

It all Depends on Point of View: Setting Up Point of View in Host

Once clients learn the ease of creating reports in Host there is a tendency to create and recreate several iterations of reports to the point where the number of reports becomes encumbering. This is because all you have to do is open a report, drag and drop different rows and columns in the report, check a few boxes and viola, you have a new report to save in your file cabinet.  This ease of construction has left several clients with so many reports they forget which report does what.

An easier way to manage this process is to make use of the Point of View (POV) functionality.  POV is a setting for each dimension that controls data displayed in a report.  POV’s are user-specific and each user can utilize their own POV depending upon the dimension security given by your administrator.  POV can be used Financial Reports, Dynamic Reports, Report Books, Report Collections, and even with the Financial Package Publisher. If you want to use POV for Scorecards, the POV for scorecards is contained within the Scorecard module.

For Example: If you have a Dynamic report with dimensions used in the header and footer you can apply POV to those dimensions.  Once applied the POV member selections will be displayed in the header and footer sections. If you apply POV on a dimension member selection for a page axis in the layout area (shown below), the original dimensions will still be displayed, but the report will run with the POV selections.  It’s important to note that the POV options you choose and apply supersede any parameters that have been selected for the report itself.  Here’s how you setup your very own POV.

How to Setup POV

a.    Click on the Search Icon icon in the top right corner

b.    Select the Reporting Area for example: Financial.

c.    Click the Search button   and select dimension members for each dimension you would like to restrict.  You can pull at the leaf or rollup level for any dimension you use in reporting.

d.    Click save.

How to Apply your POV to a Report in the File Cabinet

a.    Click Apply POV for a selected report in the File Cabinet.

i.    POV has been applied POV_Applied

ii.    POV has not been applied Point of View Host Analytics Not Applied

b.    Run the report. POV selections are applied at runtime.

c.    POV will be reflected for page level dimensions in the report.

Once you begin using POV you will notice that the number of reports you once thought you needed will go down.  This will certainly make your management of the reports easier especially for those reports you run more often than others.  And you won’t have to remember the difference in all of those report titles you’ve created.


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