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Inactive Accounts in Account Lookup Screens

Inactive Accounts in Account Lookup Screens

Many clients often ask me, “Is there a way to remove inactive accounts from the account lookup screens within Dynamics GP?” There is good news! The developers of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 have made this possible (at least for the GL entry screen).

Let me demonstrate. In the example below I have inactivated account 500-6100-00:


 Notice in the GL transaction entry window when I look up that account, it is not available for selection.


But when I look up the same account in the payables management sub-module, account 500-6100-00 still shows up.


So what’s the work around to this? Back in the account maintenance window remove the lookup for all sub-modules.

Now return to the payables distribution window and look up account 500-6100-00. That account is no longer available for selection!

In Dynamics GP versions 9 and 10 you won’t be able to remove the accounts from the GL screen. However you can use the above steps to remove inactive accounts from the sub modules.

Keep in mind, when inactivating accounts you cannot just select the inactive button and click save,  you must deselect (by un-highlighting) the sub modules in the “include in lookup” section.


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