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Increase Your Margins With Microsoft Dynamics GP

Increase Your Margins With Microsoft Dynamics GP

ArrowsGoingUpMicrosoft Dynamics GP is a richly featured financial accounting and business management solution that allows you to use familiar, powerful software to operate and grow your business.

Cash is king—and when you make fast, informed decisions, it has a direct impact on your bottom line. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can make smart decisions across your business—from marketing and inventory to customer credit limits, discounts, and payment terms—to bring down costs and turn margins into cash flow:

Identify and target your top customers to drive new sales opportunities.

Optimize your resources and improve end-to-end sales processes to identify the right prospects, provide better service to your best customers, and focus on new ways to increase your profitability using predictive analysis.

Gain efficiencies and automation for key business processes.

Increase staff productivity and drive accuracy by automating your purchasing processes using order-point minimums and maximums, as well
as built-in workflows that give you the ability to attach documents.

Optimize buying and inventory management to cut costs.

Streamline supply chain processes and inventory management—and reduce operational costs companywide—with the ability to track turnover and maintain the right stock levels to serve your most profitable customers and reduce slow-moving items.

With my Role Center, I can see gross profits from the last 12 months in a graphical format. And I can see which customers have gone over their credit limits and which payments are due today and in a few months’ time so that I can better manage cash flow.”
—Vladimir Fedorov, Director of Finance, Winncom Technologies


If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft Dynamics GP please visit our website, or view a GP overview brochure (PDF).


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