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Innovative New Features on Display from Concur

Innovative New Features on Display from Concur

Following an interesting week last week at Concur Fusion in Chicago, our team returns refreshed, reinvigorated, and excited for next year’s event in Seattle. While this will not be a wrap-up of the event, we would like to share with you some of the most intriguing innovations that have come from the company recently, which has put a lot of focus on improving traveler safety, controlling costs, and continually improving the experience of Concur customers.

Innovations Abound in the Travel Expense Management Space

The improvements have been coming fast, both from inside the company and from innovative App Center Partners (like us), and we would like to provide a brief overview of some of the advancements in the travel and expense management space that have come from Concur.

First-Ever Integrated Traveler Risk Management Solution

A huge step in the right direction for travelers and travel managers looking to address global risks and stay in contact in the case of an emergency. At Concur Fusion, the company announced that it had released “the first integrated traveler risk management solution featuring the most comprehensive, actionable travel and expense data set in the industry.”

Whether it’s before or during a business trip, the tool is designed to provide 24/7 support for travelers, whether through pre-trip guidance or on-trip emergency safety information.

“With global uncertainties and business travel on the rise, Concur has a strong sense of responsibility for our employees and customers around the world,” said Mike Eberhard, president of Concur. “From civil unrest to natural disasters and terrorist attacks, businesses need to be sure they know where their employees are and direct them to safety as quickly as possible. Our data set extends beyond traditionally booked travel itineraries, maximizing visibility and empowering businesses to take action in these situations. During recent global incidents, Concur was able to locate employees in affected areas within an hour.”

For more information, see Concur’s Press Release, Concur Unveils First Integrated Traveler Risk Management Solution and Active Monitoring Service to Help Companies Manage Employee Safety 24/7, Anywhere in the World.

Drive Smarter with Better Mileage Management with Concur

Another announcement from Concur Fusion, the company released on March 16 a new solution to help improve mile-by-mile or kilometer-by-kilometer expense reporting through its new Concur Smart Drive platform, a new product integrated into the Concur mobile app, to deliver a ‘touchless’ mobile distance capture and reimbursement process.

“In 2016, Concur processed $2.27 billion in ground transportation reimbursement. Mileage tracking is one of the top ten items expensed, yet it often requires business travelers to manually input estimates with no documentation- costing business traveler’s time and leaving substantial margin for error,” said Robb Nielsen, Vice President, Global Product Experience at Concur. “With Concur Expense Smart Drive, actual mileage data is automatically captured, allowing for more accurate expense reporting that also simplifies the process for the business traveler.”

Concur Expense Smart Drive uses GPS on a user’s phone to automatically track mileage and create an expense line item for a trip. Tracking is activated by smart sensors that recognize when a user is driving a motorized vehicle and happens in the background. For more information, see the Concur Press Release, Concur Debuts Automated Mobile Distance Tracking Tool to Save Time and Drive Savings.

Concur/ADP® HR Connector Designed to Seamlessly Manage Employee Data

During Q1 2017, Concur announced a new connector with ADP HR, designed to save time and effort in setting up and maintaining user accounts in Concur Expense, providing a seamless, effortless experience for users of ADP Workforce Now and Concur. ADP Workforce Now is ADP’s integrated HCM platform for midsized employers. Learn more about the announcement here.

More Information: Concur Monthly Product Updates

For even more, head over to the Concur Newsroom to get their monthly rundowns of new product features:

Learn More: Innovate and Improve Your Business with Concur TEM

Wipfli LLP/Brittenford Systems has been working with Concur for years, winning in 2016 a multitude of awards for our work with the company. We have created connectors such as ExpenseConnect designed to help bring Concur closer to financial management systems like Microsoft Dynamics GP, Intacct, and Microsoft Dynamics SL. Learn more about Concur Travel and Expense, as well as the solutions we provide to make it better here.


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