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Intacct and Concur Integration Saves AtTask Time and Money

Intacct and Concur Integration Saves AtTask Time and Money

Intacct and Concur Data Integration With ExpenseConnectHow can simple integration of Intacct and Concur save time and money while adding data security? This is what leading project management solutions provider AtTask asked when speaking with us.  How did we help them? How can you learn from this profile? How can ExpenseConnect save you?

AtTask Case Study Overview

Brittenford’s custom solution through ExpenseConnect has offered benefit to many leaders.  How can you learn more about this top offering?  Our Case Study offers research and outcomes of our solution provided to AtTask, and can be viewed by clicking the following link: ExpenseConnect Data Integration for AtTask. Following is the key overview of the client and service.

Customer Profile

AtTask is the SaaS leader in project management solutions serving a broad range of customers including Nike, Cisco, ESPN, Trek, and Kellogg’s.

Following is the needs and solutions provided by Brittenford Systems to AtTask.

Challenges and Requirements

AtTask needed to seamlessly integrate expense data from Concur to Intacct while accommodating their need to add billable expenses to Intacct as individual sales orders.

Key Requirements:

  • Load Concur travel and expense reports directly into the Intacct general ledger
  • Create invoices automatically for any billable expenses in employee reports
  • Minimize time spent manipulating data files


Through ExpenseConnect by Brittenford Systems, AtTask received the following benefits:

  • Seamless integration between Concur and Intacct
  • Implementation to fit specific business workflow to enable Intacct to automatically generate invoices when an expense is marked as billable in Concur
  • Manual processing eliminated
  • Small changes made to system data mapping without development knowledge
  • Enhanced business intelligence capabilities for executive budget reviews.

Satisfied user Amy Engh has this to say about Brittenford’s solution:

What used to take 6-8 hours each week in manual data entry now takes us literally 20 minutes with ExpenseConnect,” … “Plus, with the training Brittenford gave me, it’s so easy for me to go in to the backend of the system and make small data mapping changes myself—and I’m an accountant, not a developer!

Brittenford ExpenseConnect: Saving Time and Money through Integration

When a leading company uses Concur for Travel and Expense Management, and Intacct for Cloud Accounting, this company is already seeing the benefits of each offering.  Data Security, powerful reporting, and top level accounting offerings are just a few of the benefits that said company can recognize.  Unfortunately, there was still one need:  Combining the two industry leading solutions.

Enter Brittenford Systems ExpenseConnect.  This is cloud-to-cloud integration product eliminates your organization’s need to manually download and manipulate files before submitting. Built on a flexible backbone, ExpenseConnect securely allows you to define the data mapping from Concur to Intacct.

What is ExpenseConnect?

The easy-to-use and flexible mapping functionality ensures that you can configure data elements from Concur to Intacct in a way that fits your specific business requirements without costly custom development efforts. ExpenseConnect easily accommodates various transactions and intelligently integrates expense reports across multiple deployments within Intacct.  Corporate card payments that are made through Concur Expense Pay flow through the integration process and non-reimbursable expenses are handled with ease.

For more information about ExpenseConnect from Brittenford Systems, you can view this case study, read out Brittenford Financial Management products offerings, or Contact ExpenseConnect provider Brittenford Systems.


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