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Intacct and PositivePay: Case Study

Intacct and PositivePay: Case Study

PositivePay for Intacct Case StudyHow does a High-Profile Insurance company improve their payables and receivables? Further, how does this company improve their impact and security?  When a company like Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE) cuts hundreds of checks each day, they need to know exactly what is happening, when it happens, and how it can optimize these tasks as much as possible.  Enter Brittenford’s PositivePay, the perfect way for PURE to increase data security and efficiency in processing.

PositivePay Case Study Overview

In partnering with Brittenford, PURE needed a definite solution to improve their payables and receivables.  In May 2013, PURE chose to transition from an all-in-one accounts payable system to the financial management and accounting supremacy provided by Intacct.  Unfortunately, in this transition, PURE needed one thing that Intacct could not provide: out-of-the-box positive pay accounts payable.

Customer Profile: Privilege Underwriters Exchange (PURE)

Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE) is a policyholder-owned insurer serving high net worth individuals and families. They offer a comprehensive, customizable suite of products covering a wide range of high-value assets including homes, automobiles, collections of art and jewelry, watercraft, as well as coverage for floods and personal excess liability.


PURE needed seamless integration and deployment of accounts payable through Intacct. Further, the company needed complete security and automation of payables.

Key Requirements

  • Automate positive pay check fraud protection process
  • Keep key controls in place
  • Integrate with Intacct’s platform


Through automation of payables through PositivePay, PURE was able to improve its financial management and realize immediate savings.

  • Worry-free, hands-off functionality
  • Saves money by eliminating need to do check voids
  • Quickly-realized ROI
  • Reduces employee workload and stress during the monthly close process

For more information about PositivePay from Brittenford Systems, you can view the PositivePay Case Study in its entirety, learn more on the PositivePay Fact Sheet, or contact Brittenford Systems for more information.



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