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Intacct and SchoolConnect Integration Helps Georgetown Visitation Minimize Errors through Automation

Intacct and SchoolConnect Integration Helps Georgetown Visitation Minimize Errors through Automation

Case Study Georgetown VisitationDeeply rooted in its traditions, Georgetown Visitation has been empowering young women in the Washington DC area for over 216 years. In today’s rapidly changing world, Georgetown Visitation guides students to become self-reliant, intellectually mature, and morally responsible women of faith, vision, and purpose.  But, an independent school of Georgetown Visitation’s caliber needed accounting software to match, and they turned to Brittenford Systems to find it.

The Project: Integrating Disparate Systems

With over 450 students, however, Georgetown Visitation had been pushing its combination of software provisions to the limit, manually entering data between disparate systems:

  • Blackbaud Financial Edge for Accounting,
  • FACTS for Tuition Payment,
  • Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge for fundraising and donations,
  • Veracross for student, parent, and teacher information management

Roberta Hopkins, Chief Financial Officer of Georgetown Visitation, recalls,

“Everything we put into Veracross and Raiser’s Edge had to be manually re-entered into the financial accounting system and our systems were never in sync.”

Error prone and labor intensive, the current system was not only a hassle for the accounting team, but the parents, teachers, and students.

“When a parent changes their email address but still gets messages sent to an old account,” Hopkins explains, “they get really irritated, especially when it relates to financial matters.”

Hopkins, who had worked with Brittenford Systems several times in the past, knew that there was an answer to her school’s financial management needs.

Key Requirements:

  • Enhanced financial report writing capabilities so that information is not maintained in Excel spreadsheets
  • Ability to easily integrate with Georgetown Visitation’s existing student information, fundraising and donation, and tuition management systems
  • Deliver extensive functionality that would increase productivity and reduce manual entries

Key Challenges:

  • Georgetown Visitation did not have an IT infrastructure that could maintain or support extensive
    system integrations
  • Georgetown Visitation had a limited budget and needed a solution that provided the lowest total
    cost of ownership and the highest return on investment
  • Limited internal accounting and IT resources to implement a new solution

The Solution: Automation through Intacct and SchoolConnect

Brittenford Systems worked with Hopkins and Georgetown Visitation to leverage Intacct’s Nonprofit templates, as well as implementing SchoolConnect, a proprietary billing and integration suite created specifically for independent schools.

SchoolConnect eliminates the manual data integration of student management and tuition payment systems, which Hopkins estimates was 50% of one of her employees’ workload.

Key Outcomes:

  • Financial reporting is done within Intacct, not Excel
  • Seamless integration of FACT tuitions payments with Intacct
  • Automated synchronization of student information, and fundraising and donation systems with Intacct
  • Streamlined billing of student charges for programs and activity fees

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