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Intacct – Eliminate Transaction Location Approval Limitations in Purchasing

Intacct – Eliminate Transaction Location Approval Limitations in Purchasing

If you have ran into a limitation with the use of Transaction Location approval on a Purchasing document, if that the transaction requires the same Location for all line items, we have a workaround.

Working Around Limitations of Transaction Location Approval on Purchasing

You can work around this limitation by entering 3 different transactions, one for each Location:

Location 2200:

Intacct Purchasing Transaction Location Limitation

Location 2100:

Transaction Location Limitations Location 2100

Location 1000:

Transaction Location Limitations Location 1000

Next Step: Convert All Individual Transactions, Merge into Invoice

Once all transactions are approved, you can convert all individual transactions and merge them into one Vendor Invoice.

To do this: Go to Purchasing>Process Transactions (first column under Activities), select the following options and click View:

Process Transactions

Enter the Invoice Date, Vendor Document Number, and select the Line Items and click Create:

Transaction Limitation Fix in Intacct

Vendor Invoice is created in one transaction:

Transaction Limitation Fix Intacct Vendor IUnvoice

We hope this work around was of use to your organization.  There is often an alternative solution, or workaround within Intacct, often it requires to look outside of the box and get creative.  For additional assistance with this work around or any others, please contact support@brittenford.com.

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