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Intacct FAQ: What is Product Line ID and How Can It Be Used?

Intacct FAQ: What is Product Line ID and How Can It Be Used?

A question which often comes up during Intacct implementations is “What is the Product Line ID and how can it be used?”  It is similar to what many people may call a “kit” particularly in the world of manufacturing.

Product Line is a way to group related items together.   For example, a client may sell lots of different bicycle parts, but wants to group the bike components into different Product Lines, e.g., Frames, Wheelsets, Bikes, etc. Product line is assigned to the Item with a one-to-one relationship with an Item, assigned on the General tab of the Item record:

Intacct Product Line ID Tutorial

Product Line is available in most of the standard Inventory reports and in other applications’ standard reports (including in some General Ledger standard reports):

Search by Product Line in Intacct

Product Line is also handy for applying Price List definitions to apply to all the Items that belong to a particular Product Line, e.g., apply a 10% on all items belonging to one Product Line for a specific period of time:

Applying Discounts Across Prroduct Lines in Intacct

And Product Line can be set up as a value lookup for Item Groups and create Dimension Structures to pull into Financial Reports for reporting by Product Line, e.g., an Item Group for all Frames created as a Dimension Structure will generate a P&L report for all items that belong to the Product Line in the Item Group:

Generating a P&L Report by Product Line in Intacct


Reporting on Product Line


As shown above, you can use the Product Line to improve insight and increase profitability and provide analysis with reporting on the P&L by utilizing the dimensions within Intacct.  Secondly, adding a particular markup to certain sets of products within the product line improves profitability.

Product Lines provides only one of the many ways Intacct develops its product, empowering the user, to leverage software thus simplifying their difficult business challenges.




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