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Intacct Customer Meetup for Nonprofits Headed to Washington DC

Intacct Customer Meetup for Nonprofits Headed to Washington DC

As we’ve discussed in an earlier blog, Intacct offers meetups to customers as a way to get to know the local user base and to help end users use the software more effectively. These free lunch-time events (lunch provided) are designed to foster collaboration, featuring insights from Intacct representatives and partners who will answer questions and demonstrate the latest product enhancements.

Events include customer panels, Q&A sessions, peer-to-peer networking activities, and updates from Intacct Product Management. Better yet, some events will feature in-depth training for attendees so that users can better leverage Intacct software for accuracy and insight during periods of growth.

Intacct Nonprofit Meetup: July 18, 2017 in Washington, DC

The Washington, DC Event is scheduled for July 18, 2017 and will be tailored to help nonprofit organizations using Intacct to do more with the software.

At this meetup, Intacct users at nonprofit organizations can learn from other users of the product, Intacct Partners, and Intacct employees on how to use the product more effectively, as well as see and discuss upcoming product enhancements and roadmap updates.

Learn more about Intacct Meetups here or below, and learn about the Washington DC Intacct Meetup for Nonprofits here.

Why Should You Attend an Intacct Meetup?

Whether you are attending the Washington DC meetup or one of the other upcoming events, there are many great reasons to attend.

Intacct Meetups Are a Great Way to Learn More about Using the Product

Whether it’s how to use the product as it currently operates or preparing to use upcoming improvements, Intacct will show attendees the best practices and insights. A member of Intacct’s road team, Linda Pinion, will be there to dive into new product releases, stay informed of new enhancements, and more.

Speak with Other Users and Hear Success Stories

Every meetup includes a fireside chat with a featured customer. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear firsthand how a fellow customer implemented Intacct; utilizes dashboards, reporting, and other modules based on their needs; and Tips & Tricks they’ve discovered along the way. I have been able to apply many ideas just from hearing about their experiences.

Join Intacct on July 18 to Learn More

We’d like to invite you to join us in the coming weeks for the Intacct Regional Meetup in Washington DC. Learn more about this event here.


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