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Intacct Releases Refreshed Marketplace

Intacct Releases Refreshed Marketplace

New Intacct MarketplaceThe Intacct Marketplace—A Mainstay in the search for applications built around your business success in the cloud, has announced a more modern and user friendly design to allow you to find what your business need more quickly, with the right information, at the right time. What can you gain from this great update?

Intacct, the provider of best-in-class financial management software in the cloud, has released an updated marketplace to help you achieve more through approved and featured software created by leading vendors.

Intacct Marketplace Layout

The modern layout in the Intacct Marketplace is user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and partner-friendly. Broken into categories, industries, and developers; you are now able to search for cloud-based solutions more efficiently than ever before.

What used to be somewhat inefficient search and category browsing is now immediately provided to users. The left bar makes browsing by business use or industry much easier. Further, compared to the former marketplace, each application includes an introduction before you enter the application page. This helps to introduce users to the application within the marketplace.

Old Intacct Marketplace

The Old Intacct Marketplace

New Intacct Marketplace



Finally, this search is just as beneficial to users on mobile as it is on desktop. Need to search apps on a phone or tablet? No problem. The user experience is built to allow you to learn more about applications whenever you need to find it.

Get the Most from Intacct: Check out the Intacct Marketplace

At Brittenford, we care about helping your business improve their visibility, automation, and security. This is why, as an Intacct Marketplace partner, we invite you to see what you can find in the Intacct Marketplace. We, in addition to this, do offer our own applications available in the Intacct Marketplace:

Brittenford Systems looks to help your business get the most out of cloud selection and implementation. As a leading provider and developer for Intacct, we hope this information will help you to make better decisions in solutions and answers for Intacct in the Intacct Marketplace. Contact us to learn how you can get the most not only from Intacct, but connected applications like PositivePay, ExpenseConnect, SchoolConnect, or Vendor Record Management.


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