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Sage Intacct – Shared Document Storage

Sage Intacct – Shared Document Storage

Stop Sharing Financial Data via Email

One of Intacct’s greatest strengths is Reporting, especially custom reports. With all of that power, you might still be exporting files to Excel so you can format them or add additional external data before you share the reports. The problem with this is where to store those reports and how do you distribute them securely?

Intacct’s Shared Document Storage to the Rescue

You might be using Intacct’s Shared Document Storage feature to attach scanned copies of Bills to records in Intacct, but the document storage is not limited to this standard functionality! You can create custom Attachment Folders and Sub-folders and store files of any type. You can then distribute the document using Intacct’s new “Copy URL for the page” feature. Now if you have to update the document, you no longer have to send out a new file and hope everyone is looking at the correct revision. Simply upload the new document to replace the original and everyone will be up-to-date!

As for security, permissions can be set up for individuals and groups for all attachments or attachment folders (at the time of this writing permissions cannot be set for individual attachments or attachment folders). This means that you can limit the distribution of documents in the same way you limit access to other areas of Intacct.

An Example

Create an Attachment Folder

From the Company menu click the ‘Open Setup’ link in the lower right corner. This expands the menu with additional choices.

Intacct Document Storage

Towards the bottom of the Company Setup menu you will see “Attachment Folders” and “Attachments” options.

Document Storage in Intacct

Click the [+] Plus sign next to “Attachment Folders” to create a new folder. Enter the folder name, a description (not required) and a Parent Folder (if this is a Sub-folder) and click Save.

Intacct Document Storage

Add an Attachment

Now you can add an attachment to your new Attachment Folder. From the Company Setup menu click the [+] Plus sign next to “Attachments”. Enter a unique ID for the attachment, a Name and a Folder. Optionally write a description for the attachment (or group of attachments if you upload multiple attachments). Finally click the Browse button to select a file to upload. Once a document is selected the attachment will show in the table below with the Progress indicating how much of the file has been uploaded. Once all files have been completely uploaded save your attachment.

Store Documents in Intacct

Distribute your Document

After saving your Attachment, you will be taken back to the list of attachments. Click the View link next to your attachment. Next, click the down arrow next to the star icon on the left side of the Intacct menu and click the “Copy URL for the page” link.

How to Store Documents in Intacct

Highlight the URL in the text box, type [Ctrl]+[c] to copy and paste it into your email to send to your colleagues.

Success! Simple cloud storage provided by Intacct!


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