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Integrating Nonprofit Financial and Donor Relationship Management

Integrating Nonprofit Financial and Donor Relationship Management

`Integrating Financial and Donor Relationship ManagementWhat can your nonprofit gain when you have real time data at your fingertips, customizable dashboards, and business intelligence that is easily shared with stakeholders throughout the organization? How can you find a software that can assist you in every step of the way?

Through leading nonprofit technology Orange Leap and Best-in-Class Financial Management and Accounting Software Intacct, we have released a new video to help your nonprofit save time and money through seamless, real-time integration of the two solutions.

When nonprofit managers seek financial software, there are important considerations to be made. In a recent study by nonprofit software evaluation company, Software Advice, the following facts and findings are driving nonprofit financial software selection:

  • Most buyers (51 percent) are evaluating nonprofit software to improve efficiency.
  • Among buyers with a preference, the majority (96 percent) prefer Web-based systems.
  • Fundraising and donor management is the most requested application by buyers.

But why stop there? As buyers seek to increase efficiency, shouldn’t it be important that your nonprofit receives automatic updates to your accounting system as soon as you recognize a donation in donor management? Watch the video below to see how an integration between Intacct and Orange Leap can benefit your overall strategy by

  • Improving visibility and real-time management of your financials and donors.
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing data-integrity issues associated with manual reporting and calculation of key performance indicators.
  • Easily displaying financial and donor data on Intacct dashboards.

Brittenford Systems is a proud provider of both Intacct and Orange Leap cloud-based software. Through training, implementation, and servicing of these solutions, we have helped many schools and nonprofits recognize the benefits of truly innovative software built around your fundraising strategy. Learn more about what we can offer by clicking through the following information.

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