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Is Your Cloud Financial Management Software Dressed To the Nines?

Is Your Cloud Financial Management Software Dressed To the Nines?

Cloud AccountingThe idiom “dressed to the nines” is a compliment that anyone would be happy to receive. Often seen as “To perfection,” or “to the highest degree,” this statement, believed to be Scottish in origin, could have a profound meaning to more than just your attire. To the nines could find its way directly into your discussions with a software vendor.

One nine, two nines; all the way to the holy grail of five-nine promise by some vendors in SLAs means one thing—promised uptime.

Part of the things you should understand and should be included as part of the service-level agreement (SLA), the amount of nines you get in a cloud contract relates directly to the amount of time that your company is productive each year. In consideration, the following promises result in guaranteeing less than the following in downtime:

  • Two Nines (99%): 3.65 days per year, 7.2 hours per month, 1.68 hours per week
  • Three Nines (99.9%): 8.76 hours per year, 43.8 minutes per month, 10.1 minutes per week
  • Four Nines (99.99%): 52.56 minutes per year, 4.32 minutes per month, 1.01 minutes per week
  • Five Nines (99.999%): 5.26 minutes per year, 25.9 seconds per month, 6.05 seconds per week

Why is this so important? Think of the stats: According to the findings of the recently released EMC Global Data Protection Index(GDPI) shared on the VAR guy, businesses are losing as much as $1.7 trillion through data losses and unplanned downtime.

Also according to this study, United States businesses, although the fifth most advanced in protection, still see $106 Billion lost in productivity due to downtime and $203 billion in data loss.

Are you seeing why it’s so important to find a vendor that can promise (and exceed) high availability in the cloud?

A lot of vendors, unfortunately, will overpromise and underdeliver, guaranteeing high uptime but failing to meet said promises. Then there are the vendors that have historically under-promised and over-delivered, going as far as paying you back if they sink below 99.8% uptime.

This, of course, is the under-promise portion of the company, which now averages 99.993% availability over the past 12 months. What does 99.993% uptime mean? Downtime sits at the following, according to uptime.is.

  • Daily: 0s
  • Weekly: 3s
  • Monthly: 3m 4.1s
  • Yearly: 36m 49.0s

Now, in addition to this, is a promise that you will never lose more than two hours of work in the event of an outage, part of the company’s “Buy with Confidence” guarantee.

The software, of course is Intacct, a cloud financial management platform trusted by businesses of all sizes—from the small nonprofit to the now-public multinational ecommerce platform, and every business in between.

So, if you value increased productivity, minimized loss of data, and nearly perfect availability (not to mention better automation, more accurate reporting, etc.), maybe it’s time to learn more about the financial management software built to allow your company to buy with confidence.

Contact Brittenford Systems today to learn more about this and complementary software to run your business more effectively.


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