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Life as a Tech-Savvy CFO: Pillars of Success

Life as a Tech-Savvy CFO: Pillars of Success

What does it take to be successful as a CFO? Hard work, financial knowledge, experience, and leadership qualities would be among the first things to come to mind, but tech-savviness has taken hold as one of the most important traits among CFOs today.

Whether it’s the way that you consume information, the metrics you hold important, or the priorities, a lot has changed, even in the last decade. Since 2005, smartphone penetration has jumped from 2% to 74%, with technologies like tablets and smartwatches completely unheard of at the time. With the increase in technology came a shift in behavior across the organization.

Highlighting just how much times have changed, Intacct released an infographic comparing 2005 and 2015:

CFOs 2005 vs 2015

Five Pillars of the Tech Savvy CFO

But with all these changes comes a question. How has the CFO evolved with the times? Answering this question, Intacct recently released a new microsite to answer exactly what it takes to be labeled a tech-savvy CFO, highlighting the following five pillars:

  • Automation
  • Visibility
  • Cloud
  • Agility
  • Collaboration

Automate or Stagnate

Technology powers the new tools and processes you need to transform your organization, while keeping pace with rapid growth. See how automation can lead to compliance, time savings, and scalability, and download 7 Steps to a Better, Faster Close.

Visibility: See Clearly across Your Entire Organization

Accelerate business, eliminate risk, and see data in real-time, because the more you know, the faster you can act. More visibility, smarter growth.

The Cloud: Whenever, Wherever

A lot has changed since 2005, but Intacct has been around for all of it. Since 1999, Intacct has been a forefather in the cloud revolution, adding features and saving businesses money. Learn more about the increases in productivity, the lower total costs of ownership, and the improved security that comes with the cloud, and download Ten Questions to Ask Your Cloud Vendor.

Agility: Empowering Your Organization to Take the Next Step

To be a top-performing organization, you must constantly evaluate operations to make the right strategic investments. You need the flexibility to address the shifts in your business as they occur. The decisions you make today will become the competitive advantages of tomorrow.

Learn more about how Intacct provides your organization the opportunity to make faster, more informed decisions, gain confidence in long-term decisions, and gain flexibility in operations.

Download the whitepaper Suite vs. Best of Breed to learn why the suite life is not at all sweet.

Collaboration: Breaking Down Communication Barriers

Mr./Ms. CFO, “Tear down this silo.” Departmental silos suppress collaboration and productivity. And that challenge compounds as your business grows. Why stay constrained by the old ways of isolated decision-making and missed information, when you can achieve your best results by working together?

Intacct, through its long partnership with Salesforce, made collaboration easier when it announced Intacct Collaborate. Learn more about why it pays to be a social organization in the Brittenford blog, It’s Time Finance Gets Social.

Tech Savvy for 2016

The year is winding down, and maybe it’s about time you realize just how laborious and time-consuming your processes are. We would like to invite you to join the ‘cool’ crowd of 10,500+ customers of all sizes, who have recognized what it takes to be a tech-savvy financial professional. Contact Brittenford to learn more.


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