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Mail Merge to Microsoft Word with Data from Dynamics GP

Mail Merge to Microsoft Word with Data from Dynamics GP

Have you ever had needed to create a mailing and wished you could perform a “mail merge” in Microsoft Word with your Dynamics GP data? Well, I’m about to fulfill your wish and outline the basics of the Letter Writing Assistant tool included in Dynamics GP 10.


Under the Reports menu in GP 10, you will find a selection titled “Letter Writing Assistant,” (see below).




Once you select this item, the Letter Writing Assistant wizard launches. The wizard guides you through a series of screens, explaining each step along the way. Dynamics GP 10 comes loaded with a library of pre-configured letters or forms. And even more exciting, each of these letters were written in Microsoft Word, so they are easily modified.


The letters are broken into four main categories; Vendors, Collections, Customers and Employees or Applicants.



Once you select the desired category, you’ll have the ability to select the appropriate data to merge into your letter. The selection criteria will differ depending on the category chosen, but within each category you have the option to include a SmartList selection.


What does this mean?


Well, this option gives you the ability to use the power of GP’s SmartList tool to filter you data and refine down to exactly the items you desire.


Here is an example: I’ve selected the Vendor category. You’ll notice that I have the ability to filter my vendor list based on All Vendors, Range of Vendor Names, Range of Vendor IDs, or (“the all important”) SmartList selection.



For my example, let’s say I want to generate a letter to my vendors that I’m required to send a 1099 form requesting W-9 information. I could perform a merge of all my vendors or a range of vendors, but the chances are I’ll generate unnecessary letters. Let’s create a SmartList selection to filer my list of vendors down to only those vendors identified as 1099 vendors and for which I’m missing an employer identification number.


You’ll notice in my SmartList object, I’ve included a column for 1099.




I now have a list of vendors for which I need tax ID numbers. I can save this SmartList object and select my letter in the Letter Writing Assistant.



As another added benefit, one of the standard letters installed with your Dynamics GP 10 system, is a “Request for W-9” information letter.



Please note that you have the ability to add your own letters, if you don’t find an appropriate template.


As I continue through the few remaining Letter Writing Assistant wizard screens, Dynamics GP will perform a mail merge of the selected vendors with the appropriate Microsoft Word document. When I’m finished, I will have a series of personalized letters ready for mailing.


And again, these letters are created in Microsoft Word so it’s quick and easy for you to add your own personal flair.


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