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Management Reporter: 12 Easy Steps to Duplicating a Report to Another Company

Management Reporter: 12 Easy Steps to Duplicating a Report to Another Company

How to Duplicate Report in Management ReporterOften, users of Management Reporter have questions to operate more effectively their software.  In the coming months, we will continue to release tips and tricks on how to better use products.  Today, we look to share a common question that can help you save time and money in Management Reporter: How to duplicate a report across multiple companies.

Many organizations today have multiple companies that they operate within one Financial Management System. A perfect report can be invaluable. Why not share that value to the other companies that you own? Here are 12 easy steps to duplicate a report from one company to another.

Below are the steps to create a duplicate Management Reporter (MR) report definition

  1. Open MR
  2. Open report definition to copy
  3. Click “File Save as” – give it a new name

Once saved, the new Report Definition is open.

Before modifying a component, make a new format of it.

Don’t make any changes until you save a new copy of it for use with the new report.

You only need to save a copy if you plan on changing it.

Changing a row format:

  1. Open the Row format
  2. Click File Save As
  3. Enter a NEW name for the rows, click OK
  4. Close screen
  5. Change the row name to the NEW name.

**REPEAT steps for the column or tree that will be modified.

  1. If report is for a different company, change the Company name to other company
  2. Save the New Report definition again
  3. Close and reopen new definition has the NEW building blocks
  4. Once confirmed, open each definition and modify.

This may seem overly cautious, but remember, it helps to have copies of the formats used to be sure you aren’t modifying a row, column or tree that is used in other reports.

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