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Management Reporter – Top 6 Reasons to Let FRx Go!

Management Reporter – Top 6 Reasons to Let FRx Go!

FRx had a good run! Over the years, many organizations built and processed an abundance of reports with FRx. The first FRx Product, a DOS based application, was released in 1991. After 24 years it has endured and proven to be very helpful to many organizations. However, FRx has come to an end.

Maybe, it is time to let it go. Not an easy task for many, letting go in itself can be difficult. With letting go, often the dreaded reality of CHANGE comes into place. And well, we all know how that goes.

Why End Ust of FRx

Six Reasons It’s Time to Let FRx Go

So, let’s talk about the good stuff. There are some good features and functionality within Management Reporter (“MR”) that should be talked about. So, let’s go there!

  1. FRx is no longer supported on Dynamics GP 2013 and beyond. OK, this one seems easy, but you might be surprised. FRx is discontinued. However, companies still want to hold on. Some choosing to hold off on upgrades, thus missing out on valuable new features and functionality in latest versions, as well losing their Mainstream Support. Management Report is the replacement for FRx on Dynamics.
  2. Management Reporter resides on an SQL Database. Say goodbye to MS Access, the database in which FRx resided on. IT departments across the world are doing a happy dance. Most IT professionals love that MR can be backed up with a SQL Server backup plan.
  3. Management Reporter can be viewed via web browser, and report audiences can view without MR being installed on their workstation. With the increase in employees on the go, this is certainly something to be excited about. With MR, easily add your reports directly to SharePoint. FRx was not able to do so.
  4. Schedule your MR reports to run on a periodic basis. Schedule your periodic reports ensuring that Leadership can analyze valuable data thus making accurate company decisions based on facts and evidence rather than predictions.
  5. Personalize your reports – Need to prepare financials for your Board of Directors or for a lending company? Add your Company Logo directly to your financial reports (screenshot included).

Ending Use of FRx

  1. Attach Comments to Important Rows in a Report Version. Don’t forget valuable information related to an important row in your financial reports. Add comments directly to any row(s) in your reports.

Let FRx Go

Hopefully these points have slightly eased your concerns about letting FRx go.


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