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Managing Report Printing Defaults in Dynamics SL

Managing Report Printing Defaults in Dynamics SL

I have had several clients comment that they would like to be able to change the defaults for printing reports.  Changes to your custom default settings are always replaced after an upgrade or application of a service pack.  Well, here’s some good news for you.  As of SL release 6.x there is a built-in utility to assist in changing the report defaults and even adding printing options.  This utility is available in both Dynamics SL versions 6.x and 7.x. 


While you have the ability to make changes and additions to any report defaults, for demonstration purposes let’s say you desire to change the default option for printing AP Checks.  The standard default is Laser Check Form, but you desire to change the default to Multiple Stub Laser Check Form.


The first step is to locate the report number for the report you want to change.  You can locate the report number by going into Dynamics SL and in this case choosing the option for AP Checks. The report number is located in parentheses just to the right of the report name (Checks (03.620.00) in our example).  Make a note of the report number and close the print screen. 


The next step is to load the Report Control Maintenance option.  In version 6.x the utility is located under Utility from the top menu, then Report Control Maintenance.  In version 7.x the Report Control Maintenance option is located on the Administration menu.


When the Report Control Maintenance screen loads you will want to change the options to reflect the defaults that you desire.  The top fields cannot be blank, so the easiest way to make the change is to first type what is in the top fields for both Report Format Name and Report Format into the first available empty fields (see below).



Now you can enter the desired report default in the top fields in both the Report Format Name and Report Format fields (see below).



Type the Laser Check Form and 03620L information from the line you typed in the last fields over the original instance of Multiple Stub Laser Check Form and 03620S and remove the information for Laser Check Form 03620L from the last line (see below).



 Save your changes in Report Control Maintenance. 


 The next time you go to print AP Checks the options will display in the order your specified.



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