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Measuring the Benefits of Cloud Accounting [Free Webcast]

Measuring the Benefits of Cloud Accounting [Free Webcast]

Benefits and Risks of Cloud Accounting“To Cloud, or Not to Cloud, that is the question.” Whether just entering the decision making process or quite far along, this dilemma is one that haunts decision makers with any doubts about the cloud. Do any of the following questions run through your head every time that you read a brochure?

  • What are the costs and total cost of ownership of the cloud?
  • What are the benefits? Do they outweigh the risks?
  • Why is everyone talking about the cloud like it’s the best thing since sliced bread?
  • Is my data secure, and will I still own my data if I leave a provider?

If these questions even pose a shred of doubt in your mind about the cloud, and you would like an unbiased comparison of cloud and on-premise accounting software from a company specializing in both delivery models, you’re in luck.

Brittenford Systems has announced a special free webcast for financial professionals in the cloud vs. on-premise dilemma, and would love to answer your questions and concerns about cloud accounting.

Scheduled for February 26, 2015 at 1:00 PM ET, Measuring the Benefits of Cloud Accounting will feature experts from Brittenford’s leadership and support teams to help you understand the entire playing field that is cloud vs. on-premise, and dispel any myths you may have heard.

Attend this webcast and learn:

  • Why organization are moving their accounting and financial management systems to the cloud
  • How to evaluate the available cloud options provided by various software vendors
  • How cloud accounting can strengthen internal controls
  • What are the cost saving opportunities that arise from cloud computing

It is your responsibility not only to be informed, but also to act strategically, and this webcast will help you to do both. If you are looking for advice in order to make the best long-term financial decision for your company, we look forward to seeing you at this February 26 webcast.

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