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Microsoft CRM Rollup 7 Released

Microsoft CRM Rollup 7 Released

Microsoft has announced a major update to Microsoft CRM.


Update Rollup 7 will be a prerequisite for all future updates to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook.


Update Rollup 7 is a cumulative update rollup that includes all the fixes for the issues that are documented in Update Rollup 1, in Update Rollup 2, in Update Rollup 3, in Update Rollup 4, in Update Rollup 5, and in Update Rollup 6.


Some Highlights of this rollup:


Outlook Startup

Core Fixes – Loading of CRM add-in to background thus reducing Outlook email blockage. Has reduced background CRM add-in load times by as much as half relative to pre-UR7 client


Outlook Performance

Inbox will not hang anymore on a periodic basis.


This benefit should be clearly noticeable to users with large Outlook Inbox containing large number of CRM tracked emails


Core Fixes: Moved email tagger process to background hence unblocking foreground Outlook operations from tagging of CRM tracked emails


State Management (CRM going off-line)

CRM add-in will not require restart each time it gets disabled due to network connectivity changes/disruptions


Core Fixes: Added state management logic to CRM add-in so that it can handle network/authentication and sleep/hibernate transitions smoothly. Also, CRM add-in will automatically transition to offline mode when remote CRM server cannot be contacted and automatically go back online when connection is restored. This is true to AD-IFD transitions as well.


Background Sync

Syncing CRM contacts/tasks/appointments to Outlook will take minutes instead of hours. Specifically true for users syncing large number of CRM contacts/tasks/appointments.


Core Fixes: Pre UR7 during a sync cycle, we used to scan Outlook folders for each record changed in CRM. We had to do this in order to decide whether this change should be processed as a new item in Outlook or it should simply update an already tracked CRM record in Outlook. This was a costly operation and was primarily responsible for slowness of sync with large number of records.


Post UR7 we store the link information between CRM and Outlook for CRM tracked record in a separate table thus avoiding costly scans.


Core Fixes: We have fixed the sync code to handle row level failures such that it does not cause the entire sync process to fail. Additionally, we have improved sync progress dialog box to display the list of specific record level failures thus making it symmetric to Offline sync experience.


This updated can be downloaded at: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=a4893988-7804-4e23-ab58-740441cc696e&displayLang=en


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