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Microsoft Dynamics SL 2014 Year End Updates

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2014 Year End Updates

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015As 2014 is coming to an end Dynamics SL users know that the year-end updates may need to be installed soon. You may be asking yourself: Do I need to install the update, and which version of SL do I need to be on to have them applied? How do I determine if I am on that version?

The Microsoft Dynamics SL 2014 year-end updates include changes for 1099 and W-2 reporting that will help your organization comply with tax year 2014 reporting regulations.

 What are the Year-End Updates Changes?

  • No changes to W-2 or W-3 forms.
  • W-2 electronic filing – removing outdated fields.
  • Box 11, Box 12 – removed from 1099 forms
  • Payer A modified- removed Box 11 –Foreign Tax Paid
  • 1099 magnetic media for Foreign payments updates.

 Who Needs to Install these Updates?

  • SL Payroll Users issuing W-2’s and Magnetic Media filing.
  • AP users issuing 1099’s and magnetic media filing.

 These Year-End Updates Are Only Available For:

  • SL 2011 FP1,SP1, SP2 and SL 2015
  • There are NO updates for SL 2011 with no service pack, SL 7.0 and older versions.

The year-end updates are available and can be downloaded from CustomerSource.

Which version of Dynamics SL am I on?

If you are on a version prior to Dynamics SL 2011 with no service packs, you will need to upgrade to a supported version prior to installing the 2014 Year End update. See image below for instructions to find your version:

What version of SL am I on?

For more information, view this document detailing procedures you will follow when you install and use the updates.

In order to install the 2014 Year End updates you must be on a current version and service pack. The following are the only versions and service packs that are supported:

Products Released Start Date Support End Date Version
SL 2011 SP 1 11/11/2011 10/13/2015 8.01.xx
SL 2011 FP 1 10/13/2015 10/13/2015 8.10.xx
SL 2011 SP 2 9/4/2013 TBD 8.12.xx
SL 2015 12/29/2014 TBD 9.xx.xxx
SL 2011-Not included 6/15/2011 1/14/2014 8.00.xx


What changes are included in the 2014 Updates?

Accounts Payable 1099s

Box 11, Box 12 – removed 1099 forms

Payer A modified- removed Box 11 –Foreign Tax Paid

 Payroll W-2s

No changes were required for W-2 forms

W-2 electronic file has been updated for 2014

How do I order forms for my Dynamics SL 2014 Updates?

You can place your order for 2014 1099-MISC and W-2 forms by calling -1-800-432-1281 or order online at www.microsoftbusinesschecks.com. Use Priority Service Code MR4670.

Click for Full Images
How to Order New SL Forms Ordering New Forms for SL New SL Forms 2014


  • Only laser 1099 forms and laser W-2 forms are available for use with the year-end updates.
  • Electronic submission of W-2 and 1099-MISC information is supported.
  • If you have customized the 1099 reports in Crystal Reports, you must use the following margins: Top margin of .50 inch, bottom margin of .25 inch.

Can I Prepare in Advance for 1099 Printing?

Yes you can. Print and review the 1099 Preview Report now. The 1099 Preview Report will include every vendor who is marked as a 1099 Vendor in Vendor Maintenance, whether he was paid this year or not.

The 1099’s will print only for vendors whose Year-to-Date payments in the calendar year

2014 exceed the total entered in the AP Setup screen (should be $600):

1099 Printing

Can 1099 Figures Be Changed?

Yes they can. 1099 figures can be incorrect if check dates were wrong, or if a 1099 box number is not included on every voucher for the 1099 vendors. If the figures are incorrect on the 1099 Preview Report, they can be adjusted two ways:

  1. Turn on Initialize Mode. On SL 2011 and SL 2015, Initialize Mode can be found here. On older versions, look on the Application Options menu.

Initialize Mode 1099 SL

  1. With Initialize Mode checked ON, go to Vendor Maintenance and enter the correct figures. If you are unable to edit the figures with Initialize mode on, ask your administrator for rights, or ask an administrator to make the changes for you. The Sysadmin login will always have the rights to complete this task.

Vendor Maintenance in SL

  1. If you do not know the correct 1099 amounts for the vendor and/or the number of vendors are large, the voucher box numbers can be updated in SQL. The AP Integrity Check can then be used to recalculate 1099’s. (Contact Brittenford support for help.)

1099 History

Still Need Help?

If you need assistance installing the Dynamics SL 2014 Year End updates, please email Brittenford Support or call 703-828-2432 to schedule your install.


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