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Microsoft Dynamics SL Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Dynamics SL Shortcut Keys

I’m a fan of shortcut keys because they allow you to navigate in Dynamics SL without ever using the mouse. For me, this is a productivity enhancer. If you don’t know the available shortcut keys for Dynamics SL, below is a list.
These shortcuts work in Dynamics SL (and most Microsoft applications):

Ctrl N New      (allows you to start a new document)
Ctrl A Highlights all connected fields (great to use before Ctrl C)
Ctrl S Save
Ctrl D Delete
Ctrl F Finish    (performs Save & new all at once)
Ctrl C Copy (this works well from Project Net Profit into Excel)
Ctrl V Paste    (don’t rekey info from word or excel)
Ctrl Home First      (takes you to the first record in that field)
Ctrl End Last      (takes you to the last record in that field)
Ctrl Z Undo paste
PgDn     Moves you record by record to most recently created
PgUp  Moves you record by record to oldest document


Here are some helpful Function Keys:

F1 Opens SL Help specific to the screen you are on
 F2 In a date field, brings up the relative period or relative date values;

in a text field, allows enables cursor movement inside the field (including “Home” & “End”)

F3 Opens PV list or the calendar on date fields.  If you prefer the mouse, double right click on the field
F4 Toggles between “Field View” and “Grid View” (same as double left click)
F5 Clears the value in a field
F7  Inserts today’s date in a date field
F9 Opens “Note” for editing
F10 Puts focus on the Solomon Tool Bar
Alt+F3 Perform a search (same as clicking the Magnifying Glass icon)


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