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Monitor Business Activity with Alerts Feature in Dynamics GP

Monitor Business Activity with Alerts Feature in Dynamics GP

Do you know that Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you monitor your organization’s data? It can, using the Business Alerts feature.


For example, suppose you want to know when account has exceeded its budget, when customer has exceeded their credit limit, when a new vendor is created, or when your checkbook balance decreases below a certain amount. Use the Business Alert Wizard to define your criteria, and you’ll be automatically notified.


After a business alert has been created and activated, the conditions will be checked according to the schedule you set up. Whenever an alert condition is found, an email message is sent to people or groups specified by the user.


You can define your own criteria for customized business alerts, or you can use one of the eleven pre-defined business alerts, which are:

  • Accounts have exceeded budget
  • Checkbook balance below $0
  • Customer Credit Limit
  • Customer on Hold
  • Inventory Reorder
  • Overtime Pay for the month
  • Payables document on hold
  • Past due vendors
  • Customers past due
  • Sales documents on hold
  • Vendors on hold


(Yes, it’s even possible to create alerts using Dynamics GP Extender Tables and Data.)


This brief marketing video from Microsoft explains Business Alerts (click and remember to turn up your speakers):


Below is a step-by-step for how to set up a Business Alert in Dynamics GP by modifying one of the pre-defined choices.
To activate the out-of-the-box alerts go to Microsoft Dynamics GP>Tools>Setup>System>Business Alerts and click Modify Existing Alert.


Activate Business Alerts:


Select one of the pre-defined Business Alerts you would like to modify and click Next.


For this example I am going to activate the Account Exceeds Budget alert.


    Activate Account Exceeds Budget alert:


From there all you need to do is keep clicking next until you get to the following window.


    Alert Notification:


Here you can choose to send an email to a user or activate a reminder for a User Id. After selecting the E-mail, or User ID, in the TO field click insert. Click Next thru the Select Report Column window and the Select Report Sorting Options window. You will then need to schedule when you would like the system to check if the data meets the criteria.


    Schedule Alert:


Once you click Finish the Business Alert has been activated.


Hope this starts your journey in using Business Alerts!


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