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NBOA Annual Meeting Business Partner Exchange: Build Your Championship Team

NBOA Annual Meeting Business Partner Exchange: Build Your Championship Team

NBOA Annual MeetingThe National Business Officer Association Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity for business officers across the nation to learn how to better run their independent schools. Featuring sessions, deep-dives, school tours, and more, this year’s conference will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, and focus on one thing—overcoming “The Green Monster,” a metaphor for the everyday challenges facing the business office.

Overcoming Your “Green Monster” of Business Challenges

As a business manager, you are the one who makes the tough choices, similarly to a baseball general manager. As this general manager, you make the decisions that translate front office strategy to on field execution.

We’d like you to think of the NBOA as an independent school’s version of the Winter Meetings, an annual baseball tradition in which many of the high-profile trades and free agent signings are discussed among general managers.

Signing the Top Free Agent

This is where we come in. We are Brittenford Systems, and we have one of the most highly touted free agents that you as a business officer needs to complete your team. This free agent of sorts is:

  • Durable: Only missed about two innings (36 minutes, 49 seconds) during the entire season.
  • A True Team Player: Adaptable enough to work with nearly anyone on the team. Can integrate with everyone that you already have or with other free agents.
  • A Five-Tool Athlete: Offers a unique combination of skills that is desired by any organization.
  • Good “Plate Vision”: Provides unique visibility offered by few other players in the league.
  • Seeking Team Friendly Deal: This player offers it all in a very team-friendly deal, in which your team knows what it’s getting and paying for.

This free agent, of course, is the cloud accounting platform Intacct. A best-in-class cloud accounting and financial management platform means that said platform offers all these benefits and more to your independent school looking to build a championship team of software and services.

We’d like to welcome you to check out this top free agent by visiting our booth at the NBOA Business Partners Exchange on Monday, Feb. 23, from noon to 6:30 p.m. Connect with company representatives during lunch, at breaks and throughout the evening reception.

Who is Brittenford Systems?

Brittenford Systems is an industry leading value-added reseller, and has the awards to prove it. Specializing in the independent school market (among other industries), we have helped clients across the nation to implement, integrate, and operate financial management software that works well with your current software—including FACTS, Veracross, SchoolAdmin, and more.

We want to help you, as an independent school business officer, to accomplish more and continue to help your organization to better focus on students.

This is why we look forward to meeting you at NBOA Annual Meeting, and you can see us at Booth 62 at the NBOA Business Partner Exchange.

Looking to get a private workout with the free agent that will revolutionize your team? Try a free trial today.


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