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New! Document Job Processes within Dynamics SL 7

New! Document Job Processes within Dynamics SL 7

Have you documented your current accounting job processes? Processes such as how to close out the month, how to issue checks, or how to add a new vendor?
Good job process documentation facilitates personnel transitions and user training, and makes for good internal controls.  In practice, documentation is often incomplete, outdated, or non-existent.
Hooray SL 7.0! Problem solved.
With SL 7.0, customized home pages can be created for the people using the application, and displayed right in Dynamics SL 7.0. You can create custom menus and text to list step-by-step instructions on how to complete specific job processes.


Here are some examples of where Menu Maintenance would be useful:

Module Example
General Ledger
  • Month-End Closing
  • Allocations
Accounts Payable
  • Check Processing Cycle
Accounts Receivable
  • Write-offs
  • Creating a Purchase Order
Project Controller
  • Creating a New Project
Time & Expense for Projects
  • Adding a New Employee
  • Adding Employee Pay Rates
  • Creating a Time sheet/Expense Report
  • Payroll Cycle

Let’s take a closer look at the one example – a custom menu created for the Month-End Closing cycle.
Notice the ability to add narrative text and hyperlink to various screens in SL 7.0 or even to other documents, spreadsheets, or web pages. You can list the procedures in the order they need to be performed, therefore eliminating confusion during periods where time is of the essence.

Monthly Close Process Documentation within Dynamics SL 7.0

How to do it? These menus have to be customized either by the SYSADMIN user in SL, or by a user with access rights to the Menu Maintenance screen. With proper access, you can access the Menu Maintenance screen and make changes.
Below is the Menu Maintenance screen used to document the Month-End Closing cycle. In this screen you can add screens and/or reports to folders to organize each process within the cycle.

A Customized Menu Maintenance Screen

In a recent webcast class for the Advanced Learning Program™ for Dynamics SL, we discussed how to create customized home pages, including step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting, and frequently asked questions. If you would are not enrolled but would like to request a complimentary replay of this 45-minute class to evaluate the program, please contact training@brittenford.com.


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