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New in SL 2018: Features and Connections coming to Dynamics SL

New in SL 2018: Features and Connections coming to Dynamics SL

What’s new in SL 2018? With so much to discuss before the May 1, 2018 release, we’re breaking down the facts in our blog series, and will continue to do so in the coming months.

We’ve spent many of the last few posts discussing the features leading up to the new release, including release and support schedules, improvements to Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps and top features added throughout 2017, and the importance of Power BI as it pertains to Dynamics SL, as discussed in our exclusive first look featuring SL Expert Jeff Suwyn.

Today, we will be discussing some of the features highlighted by Suwyn in the webcast that will be added to Dynamics SL 2018. While not an exhaustive list, this should whet your appetite as more information is released.

Dynamics SL 2018: Major Improvements to Come

Dynamics SL follows a specific yet flexible product roadmap around customer needs and requests, as well as innovations that Microsoft feels are important for the long-term success of the product. The roadmap, seen below, shows some of the enhancements made over the years, and a peek of what’s to come.

Dynamics SL Product Roadmap

Dynamics SL 2018 Release Themes

Additionally, SL 2018 will be built around certain customer-focused themes: Bringing the World Together, Enhancing the Core Application, and One Microsoft—all of which are considered in the building of the product.

Bringing Two Worlds Together

Connecting finance and project teams, making everyone’s job easier, and creating an environment in which technology is embedded throughout—Microsoft intends to make its product smarter and more accessible for everyone. Whether that’s through improvements to Web Apps, Approvals, or cross-departmental connection, this is the big focus as Microsoft designs its new products. Among the enhancements being added:

  • Enhanced Query and Preview: Added across multiple modules, the Query and Preview interface will provide the ability to view details, preview and drill back.
  • Improved Approvals: Microsoft has added an approval process to key areas of Dynamics SL
  • Web Apps: A major part of the New Dynamics SL, the product will feature not only new Web Apps, but will also feature a monthly release schedule as well.

Building the Core Application and Platform

Of course, Microsoft couldn’t tout new software every few years without making some kind of real, palpable improvements to the core product. Microsoft has made improvements to both financials and projects based on user requests.

  • Financials: Among the enhancements, SL fill feature improvements to the GL functionality, payables, and user interface.
  • Project: Among the improvements, SL features project feature enhancements, invoice enhancements, and time-related enhancements.

One Microsoft

Microsoft can make improvements to single products, but its true power comes in its scope. Microsoft is massive, and has innovated across the board in recent years. By connecting SL with multiple other Microsoft applications, SL will levy the One Microsoft mentality to provide smarter, more robust software.

  • Odata Service: ODATA is a standardized protocol for creating and consuming data APIs. ODATA builds on core protocols like HTTP and commonly accepted methodologies like REST. The result is a uniform way to expose full-featured data APIs.
  • SL and BI Content: As we discussed above and in a recent blog, Dynamics SL 2018 will lean heavily on Power BI to make decision making smarter and give visibility to users.
  • Power Apps for SL: Power Apps for SL allows employees to connect, create, and share business applications throughout the business in minutes. Designed to be easy to create, users can access these applications in an Office-like environment and connect throughout the organization.
  • Flow for SL: Flow for SL is a service that allows users to automate monotonous tasks. From basics like social postings to complex reporting processes, Flow connects many different applications.

Learn more about the enhancements coming to SL 2018 by watching our webcast recording.


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