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New! Easily Integrate Your Website with Microsoft CRM

New! Easily Integrate Your Website with Microsoft CRM

Connecting your organization’s website to your Microsoft CRM platform can help you broaden your marketing, sales and service capabilities.


This level of integration just got a lot easier with Microsoft’s introduction of the Microsoft CRM Portal Integration Accelerator, which is available free for download now.


The Portal Integration Accelerator builds on the eService portal engine and expands to allow customers to configure and expose any CRM entity to an external facing portal.


Connecting Microsoft CRM allows an organization’s customers or members to login to their website and access and update their information that resides within CRM, right from the Web. Once they have entered the secure section of the website, a personal page is available for them to view or edit their own information.


A retail client of Brittenford Systems has implemented the Portal Integration Accelerator, allowing clients to see their order history and products owned. Utilizing the portal integration accelerator also allows enhances the user experience by providing customized content from the portal based on the customer’s buying history.

Here’ an example of a familiar-looking webpage that allows a customer to update their account profile in Microsoft CRM directly from a client-facing website:

This new release adds significant capability that does not require extensive web development. Kudos to Microsoft for helping users rapidly extend to the Internet any business process, and drive costs out of everyday business interactions.

Click here for the installation package, release notes and reviews for this release.


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