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New Features in Dynamics GP 2016 (Part 2)

New Features in Dynamics GP 2016 (Part 2)

New features galore. With Microsoft Dynamics taking into consideration a wide variety of user requests and recommendations, Microsoft Dynamics GP looks to become the most robust, user-friendly, and accessible software since its creation. What’s to know about the newest release of Microsoft Dynamics GP?

In a March 2016 blog, we took a look at some of the speculation regarding the upcoming release, and in part one of our feature blogs, we broke down ten new features you need to know about the software, slated to come out in May:

  1. Budget Import Exception Report
  2. Ease of Use Payroll Posting Account Setup
  3. Dynamics GP HTML Web Client
  4. Web Client Search
  5. Sales All in One Document Viewer
  6. Inventory All in One Document View
  7. Excel Export as Numbers
  8. Inactive Pay Codes Lookup
  9. Project Accounting Document Attach
  10. Project Accounting on Requisitions

See the entire breakdown of new features, including images of the functionality here. Today, we will share with you ten more features, shared by Microsoft Dynamics GP blog series. With over 35 new features being added, this robust improvement to the software will be available May 1, and we will continue to keep you informed as more features are announced.

Today, we will introduce you to features 11-20.

11. Payables Credit Cards

Announced March 31, 2016: Dynamics GP 2016 Feature of the Day: Payables Credit Cards

Dynamics Payables Credit Card

Need to make a payment by credit card? With more organizations paying less and less by check, GP now allows users the option for a computer check batch to be paid by credit card, with the credit card payment creating an invoice for the credit card vendor. Further, A remittance form will print to show the invoices paid.

12. Prepayment on Purchase Order

Announced April 5, 2016: Dynamics GP 2016 Feature of the Day: Prepayment on Purchase Order

Prepayment on PAyables Dynamics

Adding additional functionality to the purchase order, users now have the ability to include things like taxes, freight, and ‘miscellaneous’ to the PO, as well as including the entire PO amount being included in prepayment.

13. Payroll Posting Accounts

Announced April 7, 2016: Dynamics GP 2016 Feature of the Day: Payroll Posting Accounts

Payroll Posting Accounts Dynamics GP

An ease-of-use improvement for payroll, users are now able to:

  • See all posting accounts in a navigation list
  • Easily filter and sort accounts with navigation list functionality
  • Export and Import payroll posting accounts using Microsoft Excel

14. Analytical Accounting User Access Settings

Announced April 11, 2016: Dynamics GP 2016 Feature of the Day: Analytical Accounting User Access Settings

Analytical Accounting User Account Access

Accessing Analytical Accounting is now easier than ever. AA user access settings gives users an option to automatically give users access to all AA transaction dimension codes, rather than defining access individually for all users to all codes

15. Export/Import in SmartList Designer

Announced April 11, 2016: Dynamics GP 2016 Feature of the Day: Export/Import in SmartList Designer

Import/Export in SmartList Designer Dynamics GP 2016

Sharing SmartLists from one install to another is easier than ever. User will be able to export and import SmartList definitions created with SmartList Designer from one install to another.

16. SmartLists from Favorites

Announced April 12, 2016: Dynamics GP 2016 Feature of the Day: SmartLists from Favorites

SmartLists from Favorites in Dynamics GP

Another ease of use and ease of access feature for SmartList Designer, allowing you to create a new SmartList from a favorite using Designer. A user doesn’t have to remove all extra columns from the default SmartList.

17. Word Templates for Batch Approval Workflow

Announced April 13, 2016: Dynamics GP 2016 Feature of the Day: Word Templates for Batch Approval Workflow

Word in Dynamics GP Workflows

Now, you get more information on Email Approvals for batches, as Workflow Batch Approvals now have a default Word template for the edit list for three functions:

  • General Ledger Batches
  • Payables Batches
  • Receivables Batches

Further, users can email batches to the approver to get complete information before approving.

18. Workflow Condition Management

Announced April 15, 2016: GP 2016 Feature of the Day: Workflow Condition Management

Workflow Condition Management in Dynamics GP 2016

More functionality has been added to the base Workflow, adding more flexibility. Two new options (Continue to Next Step or Reject) for what happens when step conditions are not met.

19. Workflow Reassignment Notification

Announced April 15, 2016: GP 2016 Feature of the Day: Workflow Reassignment Notification

Workflow Reassignment Notification Dynamics GP

More power to the approver, and an easier Workflow. Email notifications can be sent to the new approver for Delegation, Escalation, or Alternate Approval.

20. Named Self Serve User Pricing

Announced April 18, 2016: GP 2016 Feature of the Day: Named Self Serve User

New Pricing for Self Serve Users in Dynamics GP 2016

Now there are 3 user types inside of Dynamics GP.  All Dynamics GP customers should take a look at their users and what they do.  They might be able to save some money.

Prepare Yourself for Dynamics GP 2016

With over 35 new features, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is tailored to the needs of end users and managers. With many of the features recommended by users, this update will hopefully provide you an easier experience. Learn more about GP 2016, pay attention to the Feature of the Day announcements on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, and stay tuned for more blogs highlighting the new features in Dynamics GP 2016.

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