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What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 (Part 3)

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 (Part 3)

As we continue to highlight the new features in Dynamics GP 2018 R2, we would today like to take a look at five more new features and improvements set to grace the platform, making life easier for end users, administrators, and more. Following parts one and two of this series, we will be discussing the improvements made to security, customer maintenance, and checkbook maintenance that will save you time.

Security Enhancement: Extension of Password Length

In previous editions, Microsoft Dynamics GP only allowed for passwords of 15 characters or less. GP 2018 R2 leverages the full availability of SQL to allow users to create passwords or passphrases of 21 characters. This is an improvement, as it reflects the ongoing trend pushed by IT departments requiring 16+ character passwords that formerly didn’t work in Dynamics GP.

GP 2018 R2 Longer Passwords

Password Expiration Notices

Additionally, GP 2018 R2 now features password expiration notices, designed to warn users that their passwords are going to expire within seven days. In past versions, passwords would expire without notice, sometimes leaving logged in users confused why they were logged out during the middle of the session. GP 2018 R2 will now give users seven days to think up a new password.

GP 2018 R2 Password Expiration Notice

Email Customer Statements from Customer Maintenance Window

GP 2018 R2 makes it easier than ever to send customer statements. In #GP2018R2 you can Email Customer Statements directly in the Customer Maintenance window. A new Email option is available in the ribbon that will automatically send the statement to the email address setup for the customer.

GP 2018 R2 Email from Customer Maintenance

Additional Sort Options in Sales Order Processing Item Inquiry

In GP 2018 R2 Sales, users are treated to new sorting options that allow them to find orders more easily. In the Sales Order Processing Item Inquiry window a Sort By option is now available. This lets users quickly find the information they are looking for because now they can sort by Document Number, Document Type, Item Number, Document Date, or Customer ID in ascending or descending order.

New Features in GP 2018 R2 Sorting Functionality in Sales

Improvement to Customer Combiner

The Customer Combiner function serves a valuable purpose, allowing for the combination of records in the event that two records were created for the same account. The customer combiner function has taken on a minor improvement, allowing for the ship to address to be retained when customer records are combined.

GP 2018 R2 Customer Combiner Sales Retain Ship to Address

Learn More: Microsoft Dynamics GP for Your Business

Dynamics GP has been around for decades and continues to make improvements based on customer requests and market trends. We invite you to learn more about our work with the product, the new features in GP 2018, and our proprietary integrations for SAP Concur and Dynamics GP. Ready to learn more? Contact us using this form or by dropping us a line at sales@brittenford.com.


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