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What’s New in the Host Analytics Fall18 Release?

What’s New in the Host Analytics Fall18 Release?

Over the past 18 months, Host Analytics has added over 250 new features and enhancements on a quarterly release schedule that has continually improved the way that thousands of companies plan, budget, and report while positioning the company firmly as a leader in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrants. We discussed the importance of these updates to our readers in the past (see our look at  Summer18, Winter18 the announcement of Host Analytics MyPlan), and as always we woule lie to take a look at the newest features in the latest quarterly release.

What’s New in Host Analytics? An Overview of the Fall18 Release

The new Host Analytics update brings a broad range of new features and improvements to the platform, building on previous releases and adding important functionality to the core product. Announced in November, new features include the following:

Robust task planning and management tools.

The new Task Manager helps finance stay informed about tasks, due dates, and goals, ensuring projects stay on track and are delivered on time. The feature enables comprehensive and effective management of all financial planning, modeling, consolidation, and reporting tasks from a single, central interface, enhancing collaboration, and focus to meet critical deadlines and execute against key goals and objectives.

Improved NetSuite integration.

A new, easy-to-use data integration capability gives finance teams the independence to quickly and easily set up data integration between NetSuite and Host Analytics. Finance teams can schedule data transfers based on NetSuite Saved Searches, accelerating key EPM processes, simplification and automation.

Increased modeling power and granularity in Host Modeling.

With new power to intelligently select and filter data, financial models can now be built to accommodate varying business inputs, define more granular calculations based on a variety of data types such as dates and text, and perform what-if scenarios to evaluate the impacts of potential financial outcomes.

Enhanced insights within Host MyPlan.

The new Data Trends feature offers finance a faster way to compare the latest forecast with applicable historical data. This gives budget owners additional visibility to quickly see how and where budgets are trending and the ability to highlight potential data discrepancies and outliers.

Additional enhancements to the Host Analytics Suite.

New drill-through capabilities provide more transparency to adjustments made during the consolidation process. Dynamic reports now have additional detailed formatting capabilities. Administrators have additional control over the currency translation process. Users have additional options to make managing journal entries easier.

Learn more about Host Analytics and the Value of EPM

At Wipfli, we bought into the power of Host Analytics for its budgeting, planning, and reporting capabilities when we began to work with the company in the first half of this decade. We believe in the transformative power of the software in making everything from planning to closing to strategy easier for organizations of all sizes, and if you want to learn even more, we invite you to download our EPM playbook.

If Finance is going to embrace the challenges of 2017 and beyond, it will have to do it with a solid strategy and understanding about the environment, along with opportunities both inside and outside of the department. To that end, we have identified six components of a finance organization playbook, along with a solution that can manage the process—enterprise performance management (EPM). Download the entire guide to EPM here.


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