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New Features in Management Reporter and Business Analyzer (GP 2015)

New Features in Management Reporter and Business Analyzer (GP 2015)

GP 2015 Management ReporterHere at Brittenford, it has been an exciting week for us. With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, we have already been fielding calls asking about the improvements and functionality in the product. Today, we would like to share with you some of the top features that will help your business to work smarter in 2015 and beyond.

Thanks to the presentations featured on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Feature of the Day, we would like to share with you an overview of four features in Management Reporter and Business Analyzer that were improved, added, or are nice to have for your business.

Management Reporter Integration

This feature created a new navigation list for accessing Management Reporter reports from within the Financial and Administration Navigation buttons.

The Management Reporter navigation list becomes enabled once the location of the Management Reporter service is defined in the Reporting Tools Setup window.

The location of the Report Designer Application is an optional field and when defined, will enable users to launch the designer from the Management Reporter navigation list if they have permissions to application.

The navigation list displays a list of reports the current user has security access to and enables them to view the reports in the Management Reporter Viewer with just a click of a button.

Business Analyzer Cross Platform

This feature enables tablet users on Windows, iOS or Android to install and use the Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer app.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer is a cross Dynamics Business Intelligence app that enables AX, GP and SL customers the ability to view and take action on key business information right at their fingertips.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer was initially released in January 2013 to the Windows Store.  The application has been a huge success within the Dynamics community with over 20,000 downloads since the initial release!  We are excited about the continued success of the app as we expand its availability to more platforms and devices.

Support for Management Reporter Content in Business Analyzer

This feature enables users to add Management Reporter content to the Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer app.

Users may add any Management Reporter report to the app start page that they have permission to.  Once added, they may take the action to view the report in the Management Reporter HTML viewer.

Management Reporter Data Integration

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, the user can determine the data that is available to the Microsoft Dynamics Management Reporter DataMart, improving the performance and giving the user control over the data selected.

The user can choose per company (including sample company) if they want the General Ledger data available for reporting. The user also has the ability to include or exclude Analytical Accounting data for each company.

View all of the slideshows on Microsoft’s Feature of the Day OneDrive account.

What’s next? These are just a few of the key features you will notice when you implement (and get trained to use) Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. Through this implementation and training, Brittenford Systems will help you to make the most of your product and work smarter—not harder. See what else Dynamics GP can do for you by downloading the Dynamics GP 2015 Product Guide and contacting one of our specialists.

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