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New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Part 3

New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Part 3

Now available, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 launched on May 2, 2016. Packed full of new features recommended by users like you, the updated platform includes a new HTML5 browser with multi-device support for Web Client; key additions to the All in One Doc viewers; ODATA service for Power BI, new service based architecture entities, and 35+ functionality features prioritized by customers.

We’ve taken a deeper look into some of the new features, highlighting what they are and what they mean to you in parts one and two of the series:

Part 1 Part 2
1.       Budget Import Exception Report

2.       Ease of Use Payroll Posting Account Setup

3.       Dynamics GP HTML Web Client

4.       Web Client Search

5.       Sales All in One Document Viewer

6.       Inventory All in One Document View

7.       Excel Export as Numbers

8.       Inactive Pay Codes Lookup

9.       Project Accounting Document Attach

10.   Project Accounting on Requisitions

11.   Payables Credit Cards

12.   Prepayment on Purchase Order

13.   Payroll Posting Accounts

14.   Analytical Accounting User Access Settings

15.   Import/Export in SmartList Designer

16.   SmartLists from Favorites

17.   Word templates for Batch Approval Workflow

18.   Workflow Condition Management

19.   Workflow Reassignment Notification

20.   Named Self-Serve User Pricing


You can download Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 using the links below:

21. Power BI from the Home Page

Announced April 26, 2016: PowerBI Reports on the Home Page

Dynamics GP 2016 Power BI

Microsoft Power BI transforms your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you. Stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further. Learn more at PowerBI.com.

Power BI reports now are available to be displayed on the home page. When a user clicks the report, they are taken to the Power BI site.

22. OData Service

Announced April 25, 2016: OData Service Deployment

Dynamics GP Power BI oData

OData Service is the driver behind PowerBI.com. OData, a separate installation, provides the ability to define end points at the service, and will allow you to import GP data to something such as Excel.

  • Separate install under Additional Products
  • Use GP Security to control access to data
  • Supports tables, views and stored procs as data sources

23. Display Duplicate General Ledger Accounts on Budget Exception Report

Announced April 24, 2016: Duplicate Accounts Import Exception Report

Duplicate General Ledger Accounts on Budget Exception Report

Designed with ease of use, imports will now take the first of any duplicates within the Excel File. When importing a budget from Excel, an exception report will print displaying accounts that are duplicates within the excel file. The first record will be imported.

24. Automatically Batch Deposit Cash Receipts

Announced April 19, 2016: Automatically Batch Deposit Cash Receipts

Automatically Batch Cash Deposit Receipts

When Automatically Post Cash Deposits is marked and you post a batch with cash receipts in it, one deposit will be created for all cash receipts in the batch. If you transaction level post, each transaction will create a separate deposit

25. Manage/Edit Attachments that Flow to Transactions

Announced April 20, 2016: Manage/Edit Attachments that Flow to Transactions

Dynamics GP 2016 Manage Edit Attachments that flow to Transactions

Edit attachment information that flowed from master record. Enable Flow and email checkboxes for flow attachment options.

Video: New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

There are many more features in Microsoft Dynamics GP, many of which were highlighted in parts one and two of our blog. To address some of these features more deeply, Microsoft’s Senior Technical Advisor Sarah Purdy took a look at the updates to the Web Client, Workflow, and SmartList Features in the video below:

Hands On: Getting Started with Dynamics GP 2016

For even more, see the series featured on the Dynamics Blog, Hands on with GP 2016 R1 to learn about Downloading The Media, Client Installation, Deploying the System Database, and Deploying a Sample Company.

Learn Even More: Get in Contact with Brittenford

With over 35 new features, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is tailored to the needs of end users and managers. With many of the features recommended by users, this update will hopefully provide you an easier experience. Learn more about GP 2016, pay attention to the Feature of the Day announcements on the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, and stay tuned for more blogs highlighting the new features in Dynamics GP 2016.


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