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New Reconciliation Tool in GP 10.0 Saves Time

New Reconciliation Tool in GP 10.0 Saves Time

A client was recently struggling to reconcile the General Ledger to the Payables Management module.  Turns out the last time it tied out was nearly twelve months prior.

I taught her to use a cool new feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 – “Reconcile to GL.”   This  new tool significantly reduces the time  spent reconciling sub-ledgers to the GL.


Here’s how you can use the “Reconcile to GL” tool:


1.  Run the Reconcile to GL routine (Tools> Routines> Financial>Reconcile to GL)



2. Select Individual Accounts to reconcile, and enter a date range for reconciliation 














3.  Process the report

Transactions will be automatically matched, and discrepancies identified. 

Results are displayed in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in three segments: unmatched transactions, potentially matched transactions, and matched transactions. 

So back to the client who had not reconciled in a year….


In about one hour, we reviewed the unmatched transactions and identified which had not corrected themselves over time, and narrowed it down to the ones that needed to be corrected.


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