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New Video Highlights Kint Corporation’s Journey to Sage Intacct

New Video Highlights Kint Corporation’s Journey to Sage Intacct

When a mainstay in fire protection and beverage services for companies in Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland needs accounting software, where do they turn? Sage Intacct, and they make it happen by choosing Wipfli to take them there. Today, we explore the journey George A. Kint Incorporated had as they moved from an outdated, manual, and labor-intensive accounting system to the automation, integration, and ease of use that they received when they made the move to Sage Intacct.

Who is Kint Corporation?

Kint Corporation is a leading provider of fire protection and beverage solutions for companies in Pennsylvania and Maryland and has been doing so for over 50 years. George A. Kint Inc. is a proud, family-owned business spanning more than three generations. For over 50 years, they’ve served clients, employees and the community with the same integrity and respect as they treat their own family.

Journey to the Cloud and the Journey to Sage Intacct

A growing company, Kint Corporation had problems with their initial accounting software, which was unable to handle even the most basic accounting needs of the company. In the video, Jordan Daniel, Controller at Kint Corporation, explains the challenges created by their previous solution.

“As I got into the system, I realized that there were a lot of reporting issues,” said, Ms. Daniel, recalling her previous accounting solution. “There was a lack of reconciliations on ledgers to our GL Balances […] people could not identify why those were so, and I went in to do those and couldn’t identify [the information] myself.”

“It took a lot of time and a lot of hours where I finally saw what the problems were, and they weren’t truly fixable at that point without starting over.”

Top Challenges Created by an Outdated Accounting System

Kint Corporation’s accounting system wasn’t just outdated, it was underperforming, and they had three options—continue using the software knowing it was holding them back and creating unnecessary stress, completely restart from the beginning with the financial data they had, or start looking at new options for their business. Among the key challenges faced:

  • Couldn’t leverage the data they put into their previous system: “We were putting a lot of data [into the service package] and we weren’t able to get the data out accurately,” said Ms. Daniel, “whatever we did get out, we were manually inputting, and we couldn’t figure out the anomalies.”
  • Delays in decision making: “[we were constantly dealing with] timing delays and issues […] things were two or three weeks behind the actual occurrence of the event.”
  • Realizing inaccuracies in the entire process: “[At that point] we knew that if we wanted accuracy at the end, [the data] had to be accurate at the beginning… At that point, we started to research the accounting software, and that led us on our journey to [Sage] Intacct.”

Making the Decision

For Kint Corporation, one of the most important factors in their decision was integration. During their decision phase, they found that Intacct was not only able to integrate, but to communicate, going above and beyond their needs.

“One thing I talked to the owner about was integration, and Sage Intacct sees beyond integration. It talks about relational communication between finances, customer service, employees […] everything was wrapped together,” said Ms. Daniel.

More importantly, much of this communication was out of the box—no costly customizations, no consultant coding—just easy-to-complete integration.

“It’s not just bringing data together. It’s starting at one place, going deeper and deeper and deeper […] everything is readily available […] information is talking to each other.”

Learn More: Sage Intacct through Wipfli

Kint Corporation turned to Wipfli to make their journey to Sage Intacct a reality. The entire video highlights the results and successes that Kint Corporation had when they moved to Sage Intacct. While this success story is just one of the many thousand success stories of companies choosing Sage Intacct, the best way to learn about the software is to see for yourself. We welcome you to learn more by registering for a free 30-day trial of the software here, and contact us when you’re ready to learn more.


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